zara woman blue dress, zara white leather jacketSo I have this gorgeous blue dress from Zara Woman and it seriously has the worst luck ever for being photographed. The last time I had worn it (a week ago Monday when we went to see the Expendables 3 movie) was no different.

I mean remember the last time I wore it (pictured below)?

zara woman dress  and moschino kartel bow wow shoesBy the time I was able to get a photo taken, I felt horrible (massive headache) and you can’t see much of the dress anyways. Ugh. So I really wanted to wear it again and get some photos taken. Yeah and the photo at the beginning of this post is the only “good” photo that was taken (and it is not all that good). So I searched for official images of the dress on the Zara website and I realized – hey, it’s not just me, this dress is seriously unlucky!

zara woman open back blue dressI mean, look, this is the product image. It looks hideous! And in reality it’s a really lovely dress and is super flattering. (At least if it fits right, too bad they chose a way too big dress for the model to wear! You can see the official photos here.) So obviously, I want to free this gorgeous dress from it’s photo curse and that means I’ll need to wear it again soon. Luckily (ha!) it has become one of my favorite dresses recently so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m actually thinking of taking it on our NYC trip.

Anyways, the rest of the outfit was one of my favorite spiky headbands (Topshop), my white fake leather quilted jacket (Zara), black and white cap toe lace up flats (River Island). I spent ages looking for a product photo of my shoes but sadly came up empty. But at least I found some other outfit photos where I am wearing the shoes… the first one is from October, 2013 and the second is April the same year (when we went to the botanic garden with friends).

river isalnd shoes, chelsea girl dressskeleton pants, river island shoes, topshop tee

5 thoughts on “Unlucky”

  1. It doesn’t even look anything like the product image from what I’m seeing on you! I actually get really frustrated when something doesn’t photograph well, unless I really, really love it, I toss it. I just grow out of love with it when I see it looking crap! LOVE the spike headband.

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