So Lush

One of my favorite stores is Lush, mainly because it is cruelty free and against animal testing, but also because their products are so darn good! I stopped by Lush on Friday after work and bought myself another lip scrub (I already have ‘Bubblegum’ but I wanted to try ‘Popcorn’ as well).

I think I like ‘Bubblegum’ a bit more but ‘Popcorn’ is still a very good lip scrub and it works very well.

Next I got the ‘It started with a kiss’ tinted lip balm. The color is lovely.

However, my favorite item is the ‘Decision’ lip color. It is a gorgeous dark raspberry red and lasts FOREVER.

I wore it out Friday night (there was eating and drinking involved too) and it lasted all night until we got home and I removed it. Ah-mazing. Like so good I want to buy up all the colors and not wear anything else. Considering my lipstick collection (pictured below) that’s not gonna happen, but I definitely WILL be buying more lip Lush products in the near future.


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