IMG_5486This is quite a belated outfit post (the outfit in question is from the beginning of January, ops), I loved the outfit but I wasn’t in love with the photos. I labeled this dress unlucky for a reason (read the post here). Anyways, I’m pretty sure I wore this outfit to the cinema (not sure which movie, one of the Hobbit ones maybe?)

The dress is Zara Woman, the shoes are also from Zara, they are the Zara Woman leather track ankle boots and the last time I wore them was here. I LOVE these shoes. I love the exaggerated sole, I love the overall shape of the shoe and I love the buckles. They are very heavy shoes but at least I’m getting a workout anytime I wear them.

zara woman leather track ankle bootszara woman leather track ankle boots frontThe bag I’m wearing is from Aldo and it was a Christmas gift from my brother. I really liked that the blues of the bag and dress matched. I kept my jewelry gold toned to match the chain of the bag. I wore one of my biggest pairs of brass earrings, they were purchased from Asos and are from the Made brand (handmade in Kenya). They’re basically these giant triangles.

made tulaiango triangle drop earringsIMG_5487

If you’re wondering about the title of this post, “Avril” is a song from Burning Peacocks, it’s a current favorite and fits the mood of these photos (that smile is a bit forced, I was really sad all December and January.) I’ll be back tomorrow with a more recent outfit.

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