Friday in New York City

IMG_4428This was one of my favorite outfits from NYC – it included like a million layers as it was quite nippy out. But whatever, I’m a fan of layering. I also love these jeans I’m wearing, they are by DKNY, and are almost leather like. We went on another bus tour on Friday and saw more of the city.

IMG_4399First thing we did after leaving our hotel was stop by this little church so I could get some outfitย  photos, because those are super important. Besides the awesome jeans, I was wearing one of my new “minus the leather” moto jackets from Express (I love the motto “minus the leather” – I have a couple real leather jackets but I prefer my fake ones.)

NYC subway stationWe then took the subway and I have to say, I was very impressed with the subway there. First of all, it is much cleaner than I expected, and secondly, just look how long it is (am I wasn’t even at the total end of it either). Anyways, after getting off the metro, we did a spot of shopping and then had lunch (we went to this burger place and I was in heaven because you could replace any burger with a bean burger and that’s amazing. I wish (more) Czech restaurants would have veggie options.

IMG_4421 IMG_4422 IMG_4423I really enjoyed the second bus tour (this time we took the uptown tour), but like the day before, it was seriously windy up there. After the tour we went to check out a few stores (mainly the Strand bookstore where I bought the majority of my books – I really fell in love with that place, though I was surprised they didn’t have a student discount! ALL bookstores in Prague have student discounts! Anyways, I set my heart on one book – The Medical Detectives Vol. II – and they had it in the system but couldn’t find the book itself, the staff was super nice though and I left my contact info and they said they would get back to me if they find the book and later that night – or maybe the next morning? – I got an email that my book is waiting for me so on Saturday we stopped by Strand once more.) Anyways, I’ll be back tomorrow with photos and commentary of Saturday and Sunday, which was by far our busiest day, see you then, xo.


9 thoughts on “Friday in New York City”

  1. Got to love layering ๐Ÿ˜‰ all your pictures are making me very jealous, id love to go there! I’m pleasantly surprised to hear the subways not so bad! Love those jeans too Hun!! I think you should do another post with all the rest of the pictures! I want to see more! x

  2. Hey, I have nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award, all the details about it are on my page ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxx

  3. Great photos! Bus tours are a fantastic idea. I’d worried how the hell I’d cope in Noo Yawk since of my health as I know it’s a very walk-y city, but bus tours are a fab way of resting while seeing stuff for at least some of the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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