As Busy as a Bee

IMG_4435I think they should change that saying into “as busy as a person visiting New York City”. Anyways, our weekend was extremely super busy. We paid for a three day New York City Pass and we started using our cards on Saturday – we visited MoMA and the Met and also stopped by Central Park and picked up tickets for the next morning to visit the Top of the Rock (it was a rainy day and they had said that the current visibility was zero.) On Sunday, after breakfast we went to the top of the Rockefeller building (luckily it was a beautiful sunny day), then we went to the Intrepid museum, then we went to Central Park and crossed it to the Natural History Museum, and later still we went to the Empire State Building. Phew, Sunday was the busiest day.  Anyways, the photo above is from this little diner where we went to hide from the rain and also to experience a true American breakfast. This was my meal (though I gave M half my eggs and all of the sausages and the bacon) and I had a vanilla shake. I must say pancakes and maple syrup are THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER.


As I mentioned above, Saturday was a rainy day. But least I had an excuse to wear my new boots. I wore them folded over because I like that look more (I tried wearing them straight up this week to work, and I think they looked good, but I still prefer them  folded over.)

madden girl boots folded overI survived a WHOLE day of WALKING in these boots and I didn’t have any issues. I was anticipating a blister or two (and had bandages handy) but they are really comfortable.

MI have to share this photo of M because I think it’s a great picture. M is really tall and I like that this photo catches that aspect quite nicely. After our amazing (and very filling) breakfast, we went to the museum of modern art (MoMA), it was on my list of places I wanted to visit. I quite liked the statue that stands right before the museum.

IMG_4446They had a Robert Gober exhibition (titled “The heart is not a metaphor”) which was interesting (but you couldn’t take photographs). I was very happy to find Piet Mondrian’s painting “Broadway Boogie-Woogie” (fun fact Piet Mondrian is actually my all-time favorite painter, ever since I had to do a presentation about him in high school.)MondrianIMG_4461IMG_446220141011_132638IMG_4480Oh just a quick note about the outfit – these are one of the only pairs of ripped jeans I have. I don’t usually wear ripped jeans but I quite like these. I like that the rips aren’t so obvious (but I am thinking about getting or making a pair of really ripped jeans, we’ll see.)

Kupka - Mme Kupka among VerticalsI took way too many photos of the art but I won’t be showing you everything, but what I did want to share was the panting above because it was made by a Czech artist, Frantisek Kupka (I’m actually not really a fan of most of his work but I do like this particular painting.)

IMG_4482After MoMa we went to this little burger place and I had a veggie burger and something that I dearly miss in Prague – pink lemonade. (Fun fact: the first ever lipstick that I bought was from L’oreal and was called Pink Lemonade.)

IMG_4485After lunch we went to this little store and M bought me a new suitcase. We traveled to New York with one shared suitcase and planned on buying a new suitcase in New York, as it would be cheaper than buying one in Prague. We have always borrowed suitcases either from M‘s parents or from mine so it’s nice to finally have one of my own (M also bought himself a suitcase, though mine is much prettier).

samsonite s'cure spinner suitcaseIt’s the Samsonite S’cure Spinner suitcase. (Btw, we were allowed two suitcases each – I fit everything into one and M had two – and each suitcase could have up to 23 kilos and mine weighed 22,8 kg. Phew, that was close!)

20141011_141237Then we took my new suitcase to our hotel room and I changed my outfit a bit and we went to the Met.

at the metI wore my new camouflage jacket. I’m not really that much into camouflage print but M recommend I try on the jacket and he liked how it looked and since I don’t have many things with this print (actually like nothing with this print), I decided to buy it. Plus it is quite warm.

pAERO1-18569351t386x450The product photo is a bit of a lie though! The jacket does not have that synched-in waist at all. But I still like it 🙂

20141011_171653This photo is so funny – I’ve been caught posting a photo on my instagram.

IMG_4506IMG_4522The Met is huuuuge and there’s so much to see. Oh look, another Mondrian painting!

20141011_194736I had been planning to make this post about Saturday and Sunday but I’ve actually tired myself out so I’ll post about Sunday in the next post (there are A LOT of photos from Sunday!)

paul signac painting IMG_4526

* I was thinking of getting one for my dad, because he doesn’t have a fancy colorful yarmulke like these that were in the gift store, but in the end we decided not to buy it. Just two more days left to post about so stayed tuned 🙂

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