Grand NYC

IMG_4334Our NYC trip passed by in a blur, there was so much to do and so much to see! I’ll be writing more posts as I have way too many photos, so today’s post will only show days one and two.

We left for New York on Tuesday morning, very early.  I had to walk Mr. Pig at like 4 a.m. For the flight (and the super long and super boring wait at the Milan airport), I wore my classic outfit: skinny jeans, a long slouchy sweater, tank top underneath, my Puma trainers. I quite dislike flying and I worry about fires during flights (I used to fly a lot as a child and in the early nineties there were stories about flight attendants getting massive ugly burns because they wore tights as part of their uniform. Anyways, due to these memories, I ALWAYS fly in jeans.)

IMG_4316I posted this photo on my instagram, this was taken at the Prague airport while waiting for the flight to Milan. The flight was great and I ran into a friend 🙂 but it went a bit down hill from there as we had to wait AGES in Milan for our next flight. The Milan airport is small and I found it to be very lacking (no good restaurants or good shops). I was bored to tears and rather cranky. Then – FINALLY – it was time for our flight. We flew with Emirates and the flight passed by rather fast. I saw about a million movies: Divergent, Captain America Winter Soldier, Labor Day, Edge of Tomorrow.  We landed in NYC and we took the air train to the subway and then the subway to our hotel. Then I quickly changed out of my clothes and we went to a restaurant really close to our hotel for dinner.

IMG_4317It was a French restaurant but to be honest it wasn’t that good. I had mussels (I don’t eat meat, but I do eat fish and sea food) and fries. I have to say, being up longer than 24 hours, I just wanted to go to bed.

IMG_4320 This is my travel piggy, he goes everywhere I go.

IMG_4321The next day we got up rather early (I always wake up early if I’m in a new place) and we went to see Grand Central Terminal, we went to pick up our New York City Passes, and then we went to Macy’s and Century 21.

IMG_4331As for what I was wearing, well, I went with my skinny jeans, a favorite Topshop tee, my oldest real leather jacket from Zara and of course comfy shoes I could walk in all day – my Puma trainers.

puma munroe(We really did a LOT of walking during our vacation. We actually never took a taxi and either walked or took the subway.)

IMG_4332We walked around the city a bit and went to Dunkin’ Donuts looking for my all-time favorite doughnut (the Powdered cake donut, or it’s cinnamon sister the Cinnamon cake donut). We eventually found it on the third day. Oh the childhood memories! Anyways, back to day two, we were really tired from the flights so after all the shopping (I bought three dresses at Macy’s and the pair of boots that I mentioned in my last post).  We had dinner from the deli right next to our hotel and we ended up eating there every night as it was convenient (the food was good – you could choose whatever you wanted, I always had salads, fruits and veggies and mushrooms and some pasta; and it was much cheaper than eating in restaurants. Actually that evening we wanted to eat out at this pizzeria but we were waiting for the waitress for a good fifteen minutes and we just decided that with that kind of service there was no point, so we just had pizza from the deli.) I’ll be posting days three (Thursday) and four (Friday) in my next post.


6 thoughts on “Grand NYC”

  1. I hate being in between flights too! It always seems like your waiting forever. I love your travel piggy, he’s so cute! Smart idea with the trainers, comfort is key! All the good sounds amazing plus I’m super jealous you went to Macys! He he x

    1. Aww thank you 🙂 he is easier to travel with than the real live Mr. Pig would be 🙂 Macy’s was pretty neat though also a bit chaotic. I was jealous of the shoppers who gad Macy’s cards (they offered a great discount but you needed to have a US address).

  2. Ooh, what did you think of Divergent? I love the top photo. You standing still and everyone rushing by is great, and even though I’ve never been to NY it looks like it would sum it up very well. 🙂

    1. Well, the movie held my interest and Four was definitely a hottie, but I felt that some parts were a bit different from the book… But all in all it was good:) I was a little disappointed with the ending of the last book but I will try to see all the films 🙂 and teah, New York is exactly like that! Everyone constantly rushing around, traffic honking (even during the night).

  3. Oh my gosh, I have a little piggy that goes everywhere with me too. My best friend bought it for me in high-school after a friend of mine died. I was really distraught and she found it lying on a shop floor and felt sorry for it and knew I liked pigs, so got me it. I call it ‘worry pig’ because of that time. Anyway, looking forward to these posts. I always wake up early when I’m not home either.

    1. Oh what a neat coincidence. I never travel without him and once I forgot him at home and was so bummed (and it was just a short weekend trip). I’m sorry about your friend but otherwise that is a very sweet story. Whenever I find stuffed animals on the ground in shops I tend to buy them as I feel sorry for them and worry that no one will want them… It’s probably crazy but it’s the truth. (And especially piggies)

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