A Weekend Getaway

I took a little blogging break this week mainly because I was gone during the weekend and didn’t get any posts written beforehand plus Tuesday was a state holiday. As for where I was, well, we went to a wine cellar in Milukov with friends and it was great fun, though I could have done with some warmer weather!

20141025_134041I was freezing! (Even though I was rather warmly dressed.) Anyways, the photo above is from Saturday. Let me explain why I look so tired: we were supposed to make the trip to Mikulov on Friday night but I was feeling a bit under the weather and we were tired so we decided to drive there on Saturday morning instead. The ride normally would take about two and a half hours but it took us four! It was horrible! One part of the way (a five kilometer section) took us an hour and twenty minutes instead of the five minutes it would have normally taken. Anyways, after a rather trying drive, we finally made it to our destination, we left our things at the place we were staying, I changed clothes and we went to meet our friends (who had already been there since Friday night). We went to this little cafe and then we went to the town’s goulash festival – I was happily surprised that they had a vegetarian goulash!

river island leopard print chelsea bootAs for what I wore, well, I still haven’t switched over the majority of my winter clothes and shoes so my selection wasn’t the best. I wore my River Island jelly Chelsea boots for the way and for our afternoon outing, but these shoes definitely were NOT warm enough. I ended up buying a pair of thick wool socks at the festival and still I was a bit cold. Later for the evening wine tasting I wore a much warmer pair of boots.

10660268_808979192498904_4931987760234115392_nAfter the goulash fest we went back to our room and I read for a bit and slept for like five minutes (we didn’t have that much time) and then we headed to the wine cellar (we got to the cellar a little before six). There we had seven wine tastings and then we went to a different part of the cellar where we could sit and eat and drink. It was a really nice place and a great evening.

20141026_103534The next day we packed our things and then we all drove out to another village and had breakfast (or more like brunch) at this beautiful place. The breakfast was really good and the place itself was just picture perfect. M and I were thinking that maybe this could be the place for our wedding. After breakfast/brunch we said our goodbyes and headed back to Prague, luckily the way back was much faster! We got home, relaxed and later that night we went to the cinema, but more on that in a later post.


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