Days of Future Past

ImageI promised you this outfit post yesterday so here it is. So, this is what I wore on Monday night to go see the new X-men movie (which was pretty brilliant but I am definitely bias as I am a fan of the series). I was feeling really burnt out on Monday (after writing my thesis I was completely drained) so I look quite tired in these photos. As for my outfit, I dressed according to my shoes:asos highlight wedge

Asos “Highlight” wedges

These wedges are almost flatforms and I kind of like that, although some people might be against this type of shoe because it sort of enlarges the foot. But I’m okay with that because I have small feet for my height and I wouldn’t care anyways because I pretty much love the design of these shoes. The combination of fuchsia pink with black on the wedge is super fun and I love the white dotted straps. But the detail that I love most is that square buckle, isn’t it so cute?

asos highligght detailI think the buckle really stands out.

5The outfit was based on the shoes, I just went with matching colors: an old black prom dress from H&M, my Zara white fake-leather quilted jacket, a limited edition Paris Mango fuchsia clutch bag (the strap is detachable).

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