Buyer’s Remorse

I’ve done a fair bit of shopping this month but truthfully, not all of it has been good. I hate it when I order something and then the item that I receive isn’t as I expected. I thought I’d share the bad purchases with you (and then maybe a few of the good ones 🙂 ).truffle cosy ankle bootsThe first item on my wish-I-hadn’t-bought list are these Ugg-like boots from Truffle. I was looking for a warm pair of boots to see me through the winter and although these could have fit the bill, the sizing is a bit off and I find them a tad too small. I am hoping I will be able to stretch them out a bit, but I have to admit to being disappointed with this purchase.

asos mini bodycon dress in ribe with buttonI don’t usually hate anything but I have to say, I HATE this dress.  It’s from Asos and is a body con black mini-dress with a ribbed texture and button detailing but it is horrible. I actually cut it up after trying it on and now I have a somewhat passable tank top and a rag. The fit was superbly bad, the material was rather uncomfortable and it had no stretch to it and looked so forced. Ugh. At least it was cheap!

love bulletsThe next unfortunate item is from Lovebullets and is a pair of mismatched earrings. I would have loved these but sadly the part that goes in the ear (the stud) is way too think and they hurt my ears.

asos denim skirtThe last item I’m not completely happy with is this Asos denim skirt. I like how it looks on and I like the material but it rids up when I wear it and I really hate when skirts do that. So I’m on the fence with this skirt – I think I’ll give it one more try and see if it will prove itself or not. Now on to the good stuff!

vila leather look fur jacketMy favorite new purchase was this Vila fake leather fake fur detail jacket. I love this jacket. I think it has a great shape and so far I have only worn it once, but I do think that I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

new look chocolate barI love this New Look chocolate bar clutch! As soon as I saw it on the New Look page I knew I had to make it mine (and I am currently waiting for the gingerbread man clutch to be released, I am so in love with him, I can’t wait to buy him to complete my clutch collection). Anyways, back to this lovely chocolate bar, I love how huge it is and it is super cute.

new look clutch pugSpeaking of clutches, this New Look clutch is another new purchase.  I love that it has a pug on it.  A surprised pug face, to be exact. And while on the subject of pugs, I also bought a lovely pug tape, pictured below. So cute!

ohh deer pug wrappingSo all-in-all I am really happy with my new buys and even with the not-so-great ones, I just have to be more careful when I’m buying shoes to give it more thought whether I need to size up or not. And definitely I need to pay more attention to materials, like with the dress I hate. Anyways, no more shopping for me as now it’s all about shopping for loved ones and getting ready for the holidays. I hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse”

  1. I hate buyers remorse, makes me so sad : ( Well I sent back the coral unicorn shoes because I was disappointed with the colour. i also have a couple of Lindy Bop dresses, one I wanted for AGES that I’m unsure about, so they’ll have to go back probably. I also bought loads of Wallis stuff and am pretty happy with most of it, so that’s good. I almost bought the choccy clutch or coin one last night from ASOS because I had a 20% off code, but resisted for now. I’m waiting for the unicorns, I would think it would be soon because the gingerbread, snowman (and bauble purse but not the clutch) have come out.

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