Happiness and Chocolate

new look chocolate barIt will probably come as no surprise to you that I am a huge fan of the quirky kitsch-style New Look clutches. I love them. I recently bought the lovely chocolate bar clutch and as soon as it arrived, I knew I had to wear it asap.

IMG_5082Friday night M and I went to dinner with his parents and I wore wore a bunch of new things: new clutch (it doesn’t fit much – I have quite a large phone – but I still love it), new jacket and new thrifted shoes (these flat leather ankle boots originally from Topshop will be featured in a few of the posts to come as I have been wearing them non-stop.); and a bunch of oldies: super old knitted hat and an old favorite dress.

IMG_5077Speaking of New Look clutches, I was a bit sad these past few days thinking I had missed out on a particular favorite – the Gingerbread man clutch. I kept waiting if he’ll be available on asos and he never was and then suddenly he disappeared from the new look site. I was really mad at myself for waiting so long and for not buying him from the other site and I kept checking back if he’d reappear.

gingerbread man clutchOkay, luckily, this story has a happy ending. Today I checked again and he was there! I didn’t hesitate and I placed my order (with the fast shipping option, I really want him) and it has made me SO happy you wouldn’t  believe.

3 thoughts on “Happiness and Chocolate”

  1. Glad you’re back : ) I got the chocolate bar and coin, the gingerbread man (he’s adorable) and the unicorns (they are really spectacular)! Haven’t had a chance to take photos of them yet. The champagne bottle one disappeared before I even saw it in stock…it was cute too, though I love the realistic Aldo one on ASOS so will be getting that with the next discount code! I notice the snowman disappeared quickly too and I saw the gingerbread man back in stock today, so hopefully they’ll keep adding more. ASOS have the bauble one now too, so i’m kinda tempted with that. Too many silly bags!

    1. The champagne bottle is back on the New Look site today and I saw the Aldo one and it is LOVELY. There are so many fun clutches out right now I really don’t know which ones to get!

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