Favorite New Toy

galaxy-note-10-1-2014-1 N1_004_Back_WhiteMy kindle fire died recently – it was very gradual: first the charger for it died, then the USB started to have huge problems and then finally the kindle itself. As I am a happy reader (I usually read a book a day), I needed a replacement asap. So I kept nagging (but just a little) and finally I received my Xmas present from M early (woo-hoo!) and a now have a favorite new toy. The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition is really fun, I love the Stylus pen that comes with it and I really like making S Notes 🙂 Though I usually like my appliances to be pink (or at least have the case have a vibrant color), I quite like that both my Note and its case is in white – there’s something really minimalistic and sophisticated about it.

2 thoughts on “Favorite New Toy”

  1. My Mum has a brilliant Kindle (not sure which one) and it’s great for her to play games and do internet stuff. I kinda wanted some sort of tablet or laptop or something to do more blog stuff on, but now my parents both have Kindles it frees up time for me on the family PC. I can’t believe you read a book a day!! I never read, I struggle to get through a magazine in a week!

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