A Long Piggy Walk

walking Mr. PigOne of my favorite parts of the weekend is always when M and I and Mr. Pig go on a super long walk. I love that it’s the three of us together, we don’t get much down time during the week. So these long walks are really special to me. I’m also glad that I remembered to take my phone as I usually just leave it home and there wouldn’t have been photos otherwise. I’ve been wearing these shoes to work (I wore them two times last week) but hadn’t managed to get any outfit photos so I risked taking them on the pig walk and happily Dracul didn’t get them all dirty. You might remember them from the leopard  print shoes post?

park lane lace-up shoesThey are from Park Lane and though they aren’t of the best quality, I do like them. They are easy to wear and they only cost me about 15 pounds, so I think I’ve actually already gotten a bargain out of them for the times that I have worn them. 🙂 As for the rest of my outfit, I wore a pair of H&M jeans, my H&M scarf and a Reserved sweater. And Ray Ban sunglasses as it was a gorgeous sunny day. M kept his look quite casual as well, I reckon we matched nicelyand of course Mr. Pig looks as handsome as ever. He has his new collar on (he out grew his old one).

IMG_41971388828_772098872851543_592725592_nI posted the photo above on my instagram and I altered it by upping the contrast and I absolutely love the color of the jeans on the changed photo. I had a pair that exact color once… Anyways, a new pair of skinny jeans is definitely on my shopping list for NYC. I actually have quite a long list, I know I won’t get everything but hopefully I’ll find a few bargains. 🙂

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