At the Fair

casual blogger, slouchy tee and skinny jeans, converseOn Saturday M and I went to the annual grape harvest/ wine tasting celebration that takes place near where we live. Luckily the weather was beautiful and it was really nice just sitting at the vineyard drinking burcak (new half-fermented wine also called scrumpy). I picked my outfit for maximum comfort. I think I looked like a teenager. Definitely not my usual outfit but I quite liked it.

low red converseI wore my low Converse trainers, I’ve had these shoes for ages.Β  I kept the rest of my outfit really simple with a oversized tee (Topshop), a black tank top underneath (H&M), a pair of skinny jeans (Mango, these are my go-to jeans at the moment), one of my favorite simple black cardigans (Pull&Bear) and my ancient (I’ve had it since I was like thirteen?) bandana. I also wore my New Look polka dot satchel bag, which you can’t really see.

IMG_4183This autumn I’ve been really into a laid back look – I’ve been wearing jeans and trainers more than ever before. I’m still a dress-are-the-best kinda girl but jeans and trainers provide a great alternative, especially for a carefree weekend. I have two more outfits from the weekend to show you (in upcoming posts) and BOTH involve jeans and lace-up shoes. In other news, my NYC vacation is coming up (only a week to go!) and I’m getting subsequently nervous and excited about it. Also a new uni semester is starting this week (my first class is on Wednesday). Wish me luck and see you soon, xo.

4 thoughts on “At the Fair”

  1. Can’t believe you go to NY so soon! Oh to look like a teenager again! I was completely stunned when this salesman came to the door yesterday and said “I spoke to your husband last time”…I was like “that would be my DAD and he’s not here” and slammed the door in his face!! Do I really look mid 60’s??!!

    1. Yup it’s already next week! I’m also surprised it’s already like almost now, time has been flying super fast lately. When I was a teenager I think I looked super old but that was mostly due to bad make-up choices.

      I would have been pissed at the salesman but maybe he didn’t even speak to your dad and that’s just a line he uses. And no. I think you look perfect. πŸ™‚

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