Whisky Convention

very veronique asos flower texture black dress, mel toffe apple shoesThis weekend kicked off to a good start with Friday night: M and I went to the annual Prague whisky convention (Whisky Live Prague) and as I was dying to wear my new dress (the one I mentioned in my last post), I wore it to the event. The dress is from Asos and I love love love the texture of the skirt part. I kept the rest of my outfit relatively simple, going all black with some gold detailing (H&M studded belt, Asos left earrings), and as for my shoes…

mel melissa toffee apple black bowI decided to go for a comfy pair (as I knew there would be a lot of standing around involved) so definitely wedges, also I didn’t want my shoes taking attention away from the dress, so that meant it had to be a black pair. Anyways, these are my Melissa Toffee Apple black wedges with bow. I also own the bow versions in beige and in pink.

mel toffe appleI haven’t worn my beige pair in a while but the last time I wore them (November 2013), I really liked the outfit. As for my black pair, this was the first time I had them on and I have yet to wear my pink pair.

botnik a sycakI can’t wait to wear a similar version of the outfit this year (it’s almost cold enough for the cape).

*Oh and I also have the bowless Toffee Apple Melissa  shoes in blue:

A beautiful Spring dayBut back to Friday night, the event was held at the New Town Hall. I’m not much of a whisky drinker (I’m not much of a drinker at all, there was a period in my life when I drank way too much and I guess after living through that, alcohol just isn’t the same. I can enjoy a drink or two, but these days I really belief in moderation) so I started out slow with a bottle and a half of whisky flavored beer (I forgot the name of the brand but basically it’s beer that has been put into whisky barrels for 77 days, or something like that, it’s just a tad stronger than regular beer, I think it was about 6%?) and then I had two whiskys – an Ancnoc and a Syndicate 58/6. M, who has really gotten into whisky lately, was having a great time trying out various brands and he even bought that super annoying thing around his neck, which is basically a leash for his whisky glass.

whisky live pragueasos dress, melissa toffee apple outfitAnyways, we left a little bit after 10 p.m. and after a short walk through the city center just headed home. I then convinced M to take my outfit photos. Because I wore a dress and nice shoes and that obviously needed to be documented 🙂


10 thoughts on “Whisky Convention”

  1. That dress is adorable! I’m probably proving myself to be extremely un-Scottish by saying, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted whisky! Oops! I’d love to know how much of your shoe collection is taken up by Melissa’s? More than 50%?

    1. Thank you 🙂 I think whisky is definitely more of a guy thing, I prefer mixed drinks or ciders 🙂

      I have about 50-51 pairs of Melissas (out of about 400 pairs that I have in total.) They are my favorite brand!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I like that they’re really versatile. I tend to go for the statement shoe but then they can be hard to style. The drink sounds good, will have to look it up 🙂

  2. I want ever single bit of the 2nd outfit! That Cape is Devine! Those shoes are amazing, if I love a pair of shoes and there comfortable I get 2 or 3 different colours! You look amazing in that last outfit, that dress is just wow! Xx

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