Leopard Print Flats

blink mouse leopard printSo, leopard print flats are one of my favorite types of flat shoes. I think they can take an outfit further than regular black flats, which I otherwise would constantly be wearing. The shoes pictured above are one of my favorites. They are by Blink and I love the cutesy bow and mouse face on the toe of the shoes – just adorable. You’ve seen them on this blog before:

photo 1

And I also wore them with a simpler outfit, picture below. I actually don’t know which of the two outfits I prefer. I like the mismatched effect of the first outfit, which is a bit more rock’n’roll, but I also like the neutral calmness of the second outfit. Plus I really love that yellow miniskirt (Zara Woman).

blink leo flats grey turtle neck yellow miniskirtMy next pair has also already been on this blog and it’s a simple round toe pair of Zara flats. There’s nothing much I can say about them, they’re easy to wear and relatively simple shoes. I really like them because it’s not hard to plan an outfit around them.

zara leopard print flats20140626-114736-42456855.jpgThen I have these Asos Dockland plimsolls. I love the way they look but I ordered the wrong size and they are a tad too small. I’ve worn the only once so far. I really need to try to stretch them out somehow so that they fit better because I really like this type of shoe and I only have this pair.

asos dockland plimsolls20140623-121004-43804723.jpgAnother pair of Asos shoes (Deadline flatform trainers) and these really stand out. So far I’ve only worn these with cropped jeans and I think they look really nice like that, but I’m hoping to pair them off with a dress as well. But I haven’t found the right dress yet…

asos deadline flatform trainersasos orange leopard print trainersMy next shoes are super special but I haven’t worn them yet. I’m waiting for the right occasionย  (I have wanted to wear them but then it looked like rain and there’s no way I’m ruining these shoes!), they are from Irregular Choice and are the “John Lemon” flats.

irregular choice john lemon flatsAnother special pair are these leather loafers (or moccasins) from Zara. They are so comfy and I think they look just perfect on.

zara leopard print moccasinszara leopard print loafersAnother pair of ballerina flats I have is a pair that I bought on aukro (an auction site), I don’t have a product photo but they’re basically just a simple slightly shiny pair of flats. There was a time when I wore these shoes constantly. As you can see from the two photos below, these shoes saw lots of “action”. ๐Ÿ™‚

P4240032trainNext are these really simple lace-up trainers from H&M. I wear these a lot actually but these shoes aren’t necessarily shoes I would take outfit photos in.

H&M leopard print trainersMy next pair are also from H&M but I couldn’t find a product photo. They are really simple leopard print lace-up trainers and I bought them as “rescue” shoes when I was wearing my Asos Dockland Plimsolls. These shoes wouldn’t be all that special but they hold a special sentimental value because they were the shoes I was wearing when we got engaged.

hampton court palaceI have one more pair of H&M trainers but I think they’re more of a cheetah print so I won’t show them and I also didn’t count them in anyways. My next pair are from River Island and they are a lovely pair of open toe jelly flats. I’m saddened to say that I don’t have any Melissa shoes in leopard print ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but these River Island shoes are a good alternative. I love the soft print and I especially love that bow!

river island jelly peep toe flats leopard20140612-140421-50661064.jpgMy next pair is also from River Island and they’re a pair of rubber Chelsea boots. I wore them over the weekend and there will be an outfit post coming to a blog near you in the next few days (probably tomorrow).

river island leopard print chelsea bootSpeaking of rubber shoes, I also have these wellie boots from Topshop:

topshop dare animal print welliesI really love these boots. I’m not much of a rain boot kinda gal so I’ve worn these only once (that’s also because I bought them towards the end of Spring), but I know I’ll get lots of wear out of them this autumn.

dare rain bootsNext I have these River Island mensy shoes. I bought these in London and I love them. I really love brogues in general but I think I love these most of all. The classic shape, the lovely print, if this isn’t love I don’t know what is.

river island leopard print lace up shoesIMG_0151Next are a new pair that I recently bought. They are from Park Lane and are lace-up shoes. I have worn them once but I didn’t take photos (I just wore them to work). Below is their product photo but I think they are slightly darker.

park lane lace-up shoesIs anyone still reading this? I know it’s really long but we’re getting to the end. Only a couple more to go. The next ones are a pair that I swapped and I love them. I don’t have a product photo, I actually don’t even know the brand, but I think they are super cute.

shearling detail ankle boots, braided hairI also really liked my hair style here. So I’m adding another photo that pretty much is the same, but whatever, I couldn’t decide between them.

lleopard print ankle bootsNext is a pair of ankle boots from River Island and I liked that the color isn’t all that expected but otherwise they’re really not that interesting. They’re also not that comfortable.

river-island-red-leopard-print-chelsea-bootsMy next pair is such a recent purchase that these shoes weren’t included into the 29 pairs that I had counted. Not everyone will like these shoes because they are borderline insane and basically everything about these shoes is very over the top. But I think they will be fun in the wintertime when everything is dark and dull. They are from Iron Fist and are called the Lounge Leopard Fugg Boots.

iron fistNow on to my last pair. This is my favorite. I LOVE these shoes. I could wear these shoes all the time but I try not to because I really don’t want to ruin them. They are from Topshop and are a lovely pair of flat ankle boots and they are slightly furry and Iย  just love them.

topshop leo ankle bootstopshop leaopard print ankle boots

I love wearing these shoes with skinny jeans. I also found this old photo below where I’m wearing them with leather trousers and I think they look perfect together.


If you’ve lasted this long then I think you are amazing and thank you.

11 thoughts on “Leopard Print Flats”

  1. Leopard print is something I haven’t tired yet. I think it looks great, and your collection is pretty nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love that yellow mini skirt also, btw. Leopard, as stand out as it is, really goes with a lot.

  2. You have soooo many leopard pairs! I love those mousey ones, they’re adorable. I don’t even know if I currently own any leopard print shoes…finding high heels in that print can be harder because they can often look cheap, which I don’t think can be said of flats.

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