Leopard Print Heels

Yesterday’s shoe purchase post got me thinking about leopard print shoes. Leo print is one of my all-time favorites on shoes. It is almost a “neutral” in my book. I counted that I have 29 pairs of leopard print shoes in my current collection. Anyways, I thought it would  be nice to do a sort of tribute to/flashback of my leopard print shoes.

Let’s start with one of my favorites:

miss selfridge leopard print heelsThese shoes are from Miss Selfridge and I got them in 2011 when we were on vacation in London (I bought 14 pairs of shoes on that trip, crazy.) I’ll be honest and say they aren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world, but they are still amazing.

P4190039My next pair is from Timeless and they’re a pointed toe pair of ankle boots. They have a really high heel and only a tiny little concealed platform so they definitely aren’t comfortable at all.

Timeless Nip Ankle BootI have worn them only once so far and that was last year out to lunch.

leopard print ankle boots, red coatMy next pair was the first ever pair of open toed ankle boots I ever bought. Now, I don’t have a lot of open toed ankle boots in my collection (I think just 3 pairs?) but these are the ones I’ve worn the most. I bought them three years ago (?) via Amazon and I think the seller/brand was called “I Love Shoes”.

i love shoes leopard print ankle bootsThey have a zipper closing on the side (though mine is brown) and a generous platform. They’re really rather comfortable for shoes that are so high.

leopard print open toe ankle bootsMy favorite outfit where I’m wearing these booties is the one pictured below. It’s from 2012 and I only wore it out to the pub near our old flat.

topshop dress moiAnd it’s my favorite mainly because of the dress, which is from Topshop and is absolutely gorgeous. It’s my fairy princess dress. I also love the accessories (the floral spiked Topshop  headband, the Mango yellow bag), it’s definitely one of my favorite outfits that I’ve ever worn.

topshop dress up yellow tulle dressI also wore the shoes last year when it was a bit colder and I quite liked this outfit as well. I especially like that fake fur stole.

20131130_024420I showed you my Iron Fist Leopard Lounge wedges and flats already and of course my newest Iron Fist shoes, which I posted yesterday. I also have these Iron Fist Drop Dead Wedges. They are gorgeous and I always have fun wearing them but I didn’t like any of my outfit photos (too blurry) so instead of wasting time with photos I don’t like, I need to re-wear these asap and get some new and awesome photos taken. (Btw, I got these shoes in the summer of 2009, I can’t believe it’s been so long!)

iron fist drop dead wedgeI’ve already shown you these Marks’n’Spencer Limited Edition shoes on the blog but I want to show them again cause they are perfect (here‘s how I wore them).

high block heel platform leopard print sandalsThe next shoes are one of my all-time favorites. I think they are super awesome. They’re from Zara Woman and here‘s how I wore them the last time (even though I kind of hate that outfit).

zara leopard print suede pony hair black and white demiwedge sandalsNext is another pair from Zara and they’re a pointed toe lower heeled courts. I’ll be honest and say that these aren’t my favorite  shoes. They’re really old now but I’ve hardly ever worn them (like two times? In the past like 8 years that I’ve had them). They were one of the first heeled shoes I ever bought. I wore them last year but only for a spot of food shopping. I had them on like 15 minutes but I wasn’t liking them too much so maybe this will be a pair that I’ll be getting rid of. Maybe. (Getting rid of shoes for me is like cutting off an arm. It hurts.)

zara leoprint court heelsThis outfit I just tried on but then ended up wearing different leopard print shoes (my Zara leather loafers, that will be featured in my flat shoes post*).PA030012 The next pair are Miss KG leopard print “Binky” wedges. They are lovely and perfect and I can’t wait to wear them (I bought them in London this summer so it hasn’t been the right weather yet but it’s starting to be colder so their time is definitely coming. I’m super excited.)

Miss KG leopard print “Binky” wedgesThen I have a pair of black open toe shoes from H&M that have a leopard print heel but I don’t have any photos of  them. I got them in the sales two years ago but have yet to wear them.

The last pair of heeled leopard print shoes that I own are these gorgeous Eden leopard print pony-hair open toe wedges. I bought them in Paris.

Eden leopard print ponyhair open toe wedgesI couldn’t find a product photo so these are mine, sorry, they’re a bit dusty. I love that they are furry and the crisscross of the open toe is a really nice detail. I could only find one outfit where I’m wearing these (though I’m sure I’ve worn them more times). They’re actually really comfortable and I’m glad I’ve done this post because I’ve sort of forgotten that I have them and I need to wear them again soon. (I haven’t worn that dress in ages too, it’s from Asos.)

eden leopard wedges asos dressP7120202Phew. That was a long post. Do you like these kind of posts or are they too long? Please let me know. I’m planning on doing my flats in an upcoming post but maybe I should divide it into more posts so it’s not so long and annoying? I have three types of leo flats: 1)ballet flats (pointed toe and round toe), 2)flat ankle boots/booties, 3)trainers. So I could definitely divide the posts into smaller portions but that might be boring? Or maybe I’ll just do my absolute favorites only. Yeah, I’m liking the last option the most. Anyways, that’s all for today and I hope you liked it, see you soon.

7 thoughts on “Leopard Print Heels”

  1. Wow! So many leopard print shoes, I love it! It’s such a shame half of them aren’t all that comfy but I’m the same I grow attached to my shoes lol I love wedges they are the most comfortable for me, I love the iron fist pair sooo gorgeous xx

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