Outfit August 4-5

polka dots and watermelonBetter late than never seems to be my mantra lately. I didn’t manage to post yesterday as I had anticipated, but hey, at least I have some pretty interesting outfits to show you. Starting with the most summery of them all (and most bizarre).

high block heel platform leopard print sandals#4: Remember those coral/green/crazy leopard print Limited Edition heeled sandals I bought in London? I finally wore them (two weekends ago for a lunch date). I originally thought I’d wear them with a block color dress but in the end I opted for this super simple black and white (or well, white and black) polka dot dress from Zara TRF. Otherwise I wore a pair of orange Zara sunglasses (which have been waiting ages to get worn, they are super weird) and my amazingly cute New Look watermelon clutch.

zara trf white and black polka dot dress

The dress is very summery and playful but I think it works better with flats. I was a bit outside my comfort zone wearing it the way you see in the photos but I do think the outfit was nice and looking back at the photos I like it even more. But when I wore the dress (and the bag) on Monday for Outfit August, I just slipped on a pair of cheerful red flats and a jean jacket (it was colder), left out the sunglasses and was ready to go.

OUTFIT AUGUSTThe downside of normal weekday outfits is that I don’t have M nearby to take my photos so I planned ahead and saved a few outfits from July to post now…

polka dot dress and watermelon clutchIMG_3056#5: I wore this outfit on the 20th of July and on Tuesday I re-wore that skirt-shoes-bag combo but with a different shirt. The skirt is sooo old but I still love it (and wear it quite often),Β  I absolutely adore the fact that it has pockets! (It’s from H&M.) The rest of the outfit: H&M quilted beige flats, Zara TRF shirt, New Look polka dot bag.

IMG_3057Although I really like this bag, the fact that the polka dots are more beige than white actually make it rather hard to style, so that made me all the happier when I found these flats in my collection (which I bought in 2010) and realized they were a perfect match. It’s great to find that you have something in your collection that you have entirely forgotten about πŸ™‚

H&M quilted beige flats

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