Hey Piggy

me and my pet pigI’m not having the best of days today – I over slept and things just went downhill from there. I was at least hoping that my order from Asos would arrive (it was supposed to arrive by last Friday but hasn’t and I suspect that my post lady has just chucked it somewhere and it has made me feel super hostile towards the post office, especially since I called there on Friday and was basically told that without a tracking number I can go fuck myself. Great.)

the pig and IAnyways, I haven’t really been out much today so no OOTD photos to show you, so here are some photos from the weekend when I went out for a longer walk with Dracul. He’s been super annoying lately (it must be the summer weather that has gotten to him) but luckily today he’s been very good. It’s time for his dinner and another walk so I have to run, but there will be more of Outfit August tomorrow or on Wednesday.

IMG_3064He totally ruined this last photo…

2 thoughts on “Hey Piggy”

    1. It still hasn’t and I’m supposed to wait another week (the worst part is that some of the items were supposed to be birthday gifts šŸ˜¦ but I’m still hoping it will turn up. But I’ll never order again without a tracking number, that’s for sure! I really suspect someone is stealing at the post office!)

      The last photo makes me smile šŸ™‚

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