Outfit August! 1-3

tattoed ladyHey everyone, sorry for the long delay in posting – summer is always so busy! To help me stay motivated in “organized” blogging, I joined Leah‘s challenge called Outfit August and I’m really excited about it. I love that this challenge is all about the fun and just using what you have. It’s perfect really.

OUTFIT AUGUSTIMG_2975#1: The photos are from the 15th of July but I re-wore this outfit (without taking photos) on the first of August. Let’s get on to the details: the dress is the Henry Holland for Debenhams flamingo dress, I absolutely love it, I had lusted after it for ages and am sooo glad that I have it. I love the shape of the dress, but mostly it’s all about that wonderful flamingo print. I love that it goes with both red and pink, hence the red Zara bag and my super-old pink H&M hair flower. My shoes are Melissa Violatta sandals in blue. These were one of the first Melissa’s I ever got (I got them for doing a fashion show ages ago). On the 15th of July I wore this outfit to the pub with friends and it was an incredibly hot night, one of my favorite of this summer. On the first of August I wore it without the bag, as we just went to a quick dinner and I didn’t need to carry that much stuff with me.

melissa violattazara woman dress  and moschino kartel bow wow shoes#2: The down side of taking photos by the time I get home versus before I leave is that sometimes I can be super tired or in this case having a supremely bad headache when the photos are being taken. Another outfit that I re-wore (or well at least partially). The photo is from July 24th, I went to the river side with a friend and then we met more friends and went to a club. I felt like crap by the end of the evening (had a really bad headache) but I loved my outfit and I wore the dress and the shoes again yesterday (minus the tights and Zara leather jacket, which is a favorite and I wear it all the time). Anyways, the dress is a recent addition (bought in the Zara sales) and it’s a lovely blue Zara Woman dress. The shoes are Moschino for Kartel Bow Wow shoes in black and white – I bought them one winter and then kinda forgot that I have them.

Moschino-Kartell-BowWow-ballet-flatIMG_3165#3: Finally photos that are up-to-date. This was today’s outfit that I wore out to lunch and then to do a bit of food shopping (which I find super-annoying but at least I got to buy some lovely Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream). After seeing the photos I’m not sure about the dress (it’s another recent Zara purchase, it was very cheap but I’m just not sure about it. I dislike the cut outs but I like that it has pockets. I like the colors but I’m not entirely sure about the print itself.) I seem to be having a blue moment lately, well, in this post at least! The bag is quite old (I bought it about six years ago) and it’s from Mango, I love the color!

IMG_3158Let’s talk a little about these shoes: they are Vivienne Westwood for Melissa t-bar Mary Janes in blue. I love these shoes! They are very comfortable, the heel is quite low, the color is a deep navy and I think it went perfectly with the blue flowers on the dress. Anyways, that’s it for today, I’ll be back soon with more August outfit photos (I definitely think the jelly shoe trend will continue during August – I mean, I love plastic shoes all year long but in the summer they are the best!)

vivienne westwood melissa t-bar mary jane blue shoe

8 thoughts on “Outfit August! 1-3”

  1. Ah, the flamingo dress is beautiful, and thanks for the peek at more of your tattoos. I’m loving the jelly shoes in every outfit! Thanks for joining in. 🙂

    1. Jellies are definitely a summer staple for me 🙂 I’m loving the challenge though due to a busy schedule I won’t be able to post everyday but at least (hopefully) every other day 🙂

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