Leopard Lounge

lounge leopard wedges outfitAnother look from February and this one was particularly a favorite,  because I loved my entire outfit: the jacket is from Zara Woman (it totally reminds me of Project Runway creations, well, the good ones anyway) is super quirky and thus I totally love it; the dress (also Zara Woman) is super short so that also seems to work for me haha. The quilted chain detail bag (Mango) is one of my favorites and currently I am waiting on an eBay purchase of this same bag, yup, I love it so much I repurchased it. But you know me and it’s always about the shoes. The shoes, my goodness, the shoes. I had wanted these Iron Fist Leopard print “Lounge Days” wedge shoes for ages and then they were sold out and I thought I’d never have them but luckily my Iron Fist store restocked them (I’m hoping the same thing will happen with the “Buns’n’Roses” shoes I’m currently lusting after) and I actually managed to buy these in the sales!

leopard lounge days wedge iron fist

The are just perfect – the wedge is actually really very lightweight and thus walking in them is not a problem and the print is just me. It’s so over the top yet still really cute while simultaneously having a bit of an edge, but mostly these shoes are FUN. Yup, that about sums it up! I also love the fake fur polka dot collar of the ankle boots. It’s adorable. They have a zipper in the back and they are one of my more comfortable shoes. I know, I was surprised as well.

iron fist leopard louge

I also own the oxford version in this print but I couldn’t find a single photo of myself wearing them. Strange.  I’ll have to find them in my shoe room and wear them again 🙂

leopard lounge oxford flatAnyways, back in February I wore the wedges out to the cinema to see The Wolf of Wall Street and it was a great night (movie date + awesome shoes = a very happy Veronique). In the photo below it kind of looks like I’m not wearing my dress and that looks super weird but whatever. At least you can see I was rocking accessories (hello studded headband). I can’t wait to (hopefully) go to the cinema this Friday, I really want to go see Sin City A Dame to Kill For (even though M thinks it’ll be crap and thus isn’t too enthusiastic about going). In the meantime I’ll be daydreaming which shoes I’ll wear 🙂

leopard lounge lounge

9 thoughts on “Leopard Lounge”

  1. A perfect example of a heel I would look at and say “Not something I would wear but certainly something someone will do a cool thing with.” And look at this; I like them with the ensemble you matched them with. They are awesome. 😉

    1. Thank you 🙂 I know what you mean though, sometimes I see a shoe and it’s just not for me but then I see an outfit where the shoes really work and it can even change my opinion about the shoes 🙂

  2. Those shoes are awesome!! I love how you wear them (and totally pull them off) ❤

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