Sin City

blogger outfit: skinny jeans, baseball jacket, polkadot bag and studded shoesSo we actually went to see “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for” earlier than I had hoped because my bestie called and we made a date of it and went shopping beforehand and then M met us at the cinema. I originally planned on wearing heels but in the end, I went for a casual outfit. Still not feeling my best and all that. Anyways, I usually like to coordinate my outfits with the movie I’m going to go see so I would have worn an all black and white outfit with some red detailing, and I almost stayed true to that notion, with the exception of my jeans being a dark blue. The most interesting part of my outfit is my Realitee t-shirt, which features a graphic print of New York City:

Realitee (for Topshop) New York City t-shirt, graphic print, skyscrapersAs for my shoes, as I said, I went for maximum comfort (and I had about two minutes to decided which ones to wear).  I went with my trusty Zara studded ballerina flats.

zara studded ballerina flats blackThey’re one of my favorite shoes. I think they are so cute, the studding is perfection and they are also super comfortable. So obviously I wear mine a lot (they’re a go-to pair when I have no idea what to  wear) and they’re starting to show it 😦

topshop red and black baseball varsity jacketI went for a lightweight jacket because it’s been warm in Prague lately. This jacket is a varsity or baseball jacket and it’s from Topshop and I managed to get it one year for a ridiculously cheap price in the sales. It really was the best of luck! I had been eying the jacket and lusting after it but  it was way too expensive and then one day I stop by Topshop, there it is in the sales and it was like 70% off.

polka dot bagThe rest of my outfit was just my favorite pair of jeans (Mango), a grey undershirt for layering (H&M) and a cute polka dot bag (New Look). Never mind my ridiculous pose, it was about midnight when we arrived at home and I was a bit knackered.

Oh, if you’re wondering, the movie was okay. I’m glad we went to see it! It was visually very interesting and I thought Eva Green and Mickey Rourke were amazing in it. I also love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he’s adorable, though he looks like he’s really short, I’d probably be two heads taller than him, but still, he’s a cutie). But others (Jessica Alba aka the worst stripper in the world and Josh Brolin seemed super annoying) were not so good. Let me know if you’ve seen the film and what you thought. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sin City”

  1. Gorgeous look, especially the shoes!! I haven’t seen the film yet, but who know, maybe I will ❤

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