A Change in Plans

jeans and strappy wedge shoesI planned on going to today’s exam (my last exam until finals) but I’ve decided to post-pone the exam. I’m tired, cranky, and have a vicious head cold. Although it would possibly help my french accent, I don’t think I could speak anyways. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. Head colds are the worst. Anyways, still I’m in PJ’s (cropped harem pants and a tank top, same difference) I thought I’d share something that I did last year the first week of September 🙂

DSC06881M and I went to the Prague Zoo and visited my favorite animals – this is Boris and he is a sweetheart. I wore a simple outfit of skinny (slightly polka dotted) Zara jeans and one of my favorite button down shirts (which sadly looks better in person than in photos) and mainly, these gorgeous strappy buckle detail wedge sandals from Stradivarius:

stradivarius strappy wedge I was inspired by these Bertie wedges to buy them (I really wanted the Bertie “Superstar” shoes but they were sadly sold out):

bertie superstar wedgeMy blogger friend The Pink Haired Princess has the Berties and they look even better on than they do in their product photo. But back to my Stradivarius wedges. The straps are much thicker and there are less straps but at least that makes them easier to put on (I imagine). These shoes are rather comfortable and easy to walk in but since we were at the Zoo and there was A LOT of walking involved, I also had a pair of rescue flats with me (the type of shoes that can fold and fit into your handbag, these are from H&M):

red sparkly flatsIt’s fun looking back at these photos, they’re from a year ago and though I do look almost the same, I also look rather different. My hair is a little bit shorter now  (I’d say about an inch or two?) and of course it’s a different color. I’ll admit that I’m actually really tempted to change my hair color again. I’m getting a tiny bit bored with my current color, but since it’s currently the closest it’s ever been to my natural color, it’s also super easy to maintain = I don’t have to color it. Anyways, M promised that if I’m feeling better we’ll go to the Zoo this weekend and I’m pretty excited because we hadn’t been in a while.

bunny phone caseBefore I go, I wanted to share this selfie – check out that crazy bunny phone case. I love it.  It’s extremely kitsch and brightens my mood.

7 thoughts on “A Change in Plans”

  1. Great outfit! My Bertie wedges are one of my most requested shoes from other people wanting to know if I’m selling them! I never will, because I love them so much. Thankfully they zip up the back, so once you sort the straps to be comfortable first time, you never have to open them again. I’m always on the lookout for alternatives incase something happens to them and of course at some point they will be worn out : ( Love that phone case, I can’t change mine (it’s a flippy open phone).

    1. Well if you do ever sell them (and I know you won’t) I’m totally first in line! The Stradivarius shoes also zip in the back 🙂 I remember your phone from one of your posts, it’s really tiny! I tend to get bored of my cases so I’m really happy I can change them up 🙂

  2. Great post!! Hope you feel better soon 🙂 that phone case is definitely an instant mood-booster ❤

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