biker girlI’ve either gone crazy or this actually works. Yeah, I’m wearing a pair of high waist shorts in what’s either pink or coral and they’re basically biker shorts. And by that I don’t mean a cool motorcycle style pair of shorts (if that’s even a thing), nope. I mean like crazy bicycle attire. To balance the crazy that is these shorts I wore my trusted black button down shirt* and a new favorite: my white biker jacket – quilted perfection.  Oh and these killer shoes:

zara woman cow hair leopard print retro platform sandalsZara Woman platform sandals

I love these shoes. They are insane and amazing. From the retro shape to the beautiful leopard/cow print.  The last time I wore them was to a wedding and I wore a lovely yellow tulle dress and all my accessories were black and white and of course my outfit was one of my favorites ever and I didn’t get a single photo. Cruel fate.

zara woman cow hair leopard print retro platformThe shoes are incredibly comfortable thanks to that huge platform. I’ve worn them all night long and it was completely fine. I even danced in them so they really passed the test. Definitely favorites, you’ll be seeing these again sometime soon, I can promise you that!

*Now as for the outfit, I’ll be honest, not one of my best. It was okay but not a favorite. The jacket is completely awesome but can be a little difficult to wear and it was the first time I wore it actually. I got it in the post winter Zara sale after harassing M to buy me something. I’m planning to wear it again this week but I’ll pair it with a dress.

The shorts are from H&M and shockingly I couldn’t find an outfit photo of my wearing them. I’m sure I’ve worn them before though. It’s a mystery. Maybe I’ve just had more sense in the past and not posted photos of myself on the internet where I’m wearing crazy pink biker shorts. Who knows.

The shirt is another favorite. It’s also from H&M and has this awesome dipped hem going on. I did find some photos of me wearing the button down shirt in the past:

favorites button down shirtMarch 2012 – worn to the pub. I obviously like pairing this poor shirt with some crazy bottoms. Red leather pants, well, why not. Oh and those amazing slouchy boots – those were one of my all time favorite pairs of shoes. Sadly, they’ve since been thrown away as they were completely falling apart. I’m still looking for a replacement pair but nothing has so far come close.

September 2013 – Zoo outing. And instead of crazy pants I had some crazy hair going on. I actually miss my crazy red hair. But blonde is much easier to maintain more fun.

I also wore the shirt and jeans combo later that night to go to the pub near our old flat. I miss that pub (and well, having a pub within a ten meter walking distance. I could get away with wearing the most outrageous shoes.) The shoes pictured below are Zara. Sorry about my weird facial expression, I think I may have been drunk.

But back to the present, the outfit was worn on Saturday to lunch and a spot of shopping. Even with the coolness of the jacket and the awesomeness of the shoes, I was still happy to get home and change back into my pajamas because that what the weekend is really about. Anyways, wishing everyone a perfect Monday. See you tomorrow.

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