A Leopard Print Mouse


The weekend is at an end and I just gave myself the biggest shock ever. I was looking over questions to my pending exam and almost got a heart attack as I thought I still had a massive amount of questions to work through. Luckily, I have all of the questions that I need already printed out and organized and now I just have to learn everything by Friday morning. Phew. It would not have been easy working out all those additional questions, that’s for sure! But maybe giving myself the scare wasn’t all that negative as now I’m all happy and “hey, this isn’t so bad”. Enough about my exams and panic attacks, they’ll be more of those as my exams draw nearer, let’s now focus on something a bit more pleasant. Shoes.

ImageBlink mouse flats in leopard print

These shoes are pretty amazing. They are obnoxiously crazy with their adorable mouse face, the cute little bow and the beautiful leopard print. What can I say, I love ’em! I also have these in beige/nude (which I’m thinking of wearing Friday to my exam) and they came out in a black version as well (I don’t have those, sadly). Look at the wonderful detailing of the shoe. Seriously, how could you not love that:

blink mouse shoes front view

I wore these on Friday to a dinner date. I literally just grabbed the closest pair of shoes and ran out the door. I don’t  really think the shoes were the best match for my outfit but I didn’t care one bit. I sometimes love pairing the unexpected. As much as I love being all matchy matchy, I also like to be a bit daring sometimes.

photo 4I wore a tulle dress from H&M. I haven’t worn this dress in ages as it has a bit of a bra issue – no bra looks right. In a stroke of genius though I thought of pairing the dress with my gingham cropped button down shirt. Two birds with one stone: I solved the dress’s bra trouble and I got to wear this awesome shirt that I never ever wear because I kinda hate cropped shirts. But now I find that I actually love them …when paired with the right dress.

The shirt is by Bershka, my old jean jacket is H&M and the swallow patches were from Lucky Hazard. I was going for a rockabilly look so I thought my Ollie & Nic apple bag fit right in. The scarf is M‘s, he really has the best scarves.

When going through my archives, it was fun to see how I styled the shoes the last time I wore them (in October 2013):

blink leopard print mouse flatsIt was a more neutral look (well, neutral and a bright yellow miniskirt.) I think it’s great that these shoes work well with both a cheeky rockabilly look (mixing prints – leopard print and gingham, textures – weave basket bag, tulle dress, jean jacket, and fun elements – swallow patches, badges, apple shaped bag, mouse shoes) and a toned down look (grey turtle neck sweater, solid color clothes, no accessories, no print besides the shoes).

blink mouse leopard printI’m not sure which look I like more but I will say this: I had a lot of fun with the look worn this Friday and I felt good in it. It was homage to my fun playful side that I think doesn’t come out as much as it should. No actually, I think it does thanks to this blog. I definitely feel more motivated to put in effort and have fun with fashion since I started Very Veronique. Thanks for being part of my fashion journey. Hope you had an amazing weekend and see you soon.photo 2Mailboxes – the perfect backdrop?

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