Pieces of the Past

I came across this amazing online store called Pieces of the Past.  Sadly the store is just about to close but luckily there is a silver lining to this story: they’re having a clearance. So we’re talking beautiful dresses at seriously cheap prices! And I just had to share it with you. The store sells some vintage items and some vintage inspired items. I went right to the dresses section, obviously. Here are some of my favorite:

sweetheart swan swing dressSweetheart Swan Print Swing dress. Swoon. I would have bought this dress in a heartbeat but it wasn’t available in my size. I love everything about this dress – the amazing print, the bright red bow, the shape of the bodice. And that wasn’t the only dress that got away:

Jeanette Rockabilly dress


Jeanette Rockabilly Leopard Trim Diner Dress. I would have loved loved loved having this dress. It’s a bit outrageous and a little costumey but I love it nonetheless. That leopard trim is amazing and I adore the pockets and I’ve wanted a diner dress for ages. I would have perhaps liked the sleeves to have been a little less exaggerated but even like this I think it is a beautiful dress.

So you’re probably all wondering what I did actually buy. Sadly, not the two dresses above (sizes are limited but that’s always how it is with a clearance…) I’ll show you what I did end up buying:

50's swing dress with bow

Grace 1950’s Bow Swing Dress in red. Now, I don’t really need another red dress, but I figured that this dress was different enough from the others in my collection and also cheap enough that I could buy it. I can’t wait to try it on and I hope it fits right.

Hetty Polka dot swing dressHetty Polka dot 1950’s Swing Dress in purple. I would have preferred the blue or the red version, but both were already sold out. However, I’m thinking that there’s definitely not enough purple in my wardrobe so it’s a good thing that only this one was available. I’m totally broadening my collection. As for the style of the dress,  I’m completely in love with the shawl bow collar though I’m probably going to chuck the belt.

Velma vintage Mac dressLast but not least is this gorgeous Velma Vintage WW2 Mac Style Military dress. This one is probably my favorite of the bunch. I love the anchor buttons, the collar with its satin trim, the gorgeous rich blue color. This will definitely be a statement dress, I have no idea where I’ll wear it to but I’ll think of something, this dress deserves an event.

So what do you think of these dresses?

5 thoughts on “Pieces of the Past”

    1. It is a lovely dress, I was even thinking of going down a size and risking it but in the end I rather opted for the other dresses. It’s still nice just as an inspiration dress:))

  1. Hey Veronique they have the Jeanette Rockabilly Leopard Trim Diner Dress over at lindybop.co.uk on sale for 22.99pounds 😉

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