How Bout Them Apples?

Retro girlYesterday was another State holiday (I really love the month of May) and M and I decided to go on a little walk to discover the area where we live. We’ve lived here nearly three quarters of a year and haven’t been exploring much. We have gone on walks but usually with Dracul and he doesn’t really like to go that far.  He’s a lazy pig.  Well yesterday I had already walked Dracul beforehand so we were able to go on a walk without him. I was pleased with the idea of going out because I really wanted to wear these shoes:

me blueberry white

Mel for Melissa “Blueberry” bow flats in white

I also own these shoes in black but I prefer the white version, they have a more retro feel to them and although I’m not usually an advocate of white shoes, I think these are adorable. I bought them via Asos and they’re still available in a UK size 7. Anyways, this was the first time I wore my white pair and what can I say? I love them.

ollie and nic bag, apple saped bag, mel shoes, retro outfit

Now let’s also take a moment and talk about this bag. How perfect is this bag, right? It’s from Ollie & Nic and if you want it too, you’re in luck, because it’s currently on sale. I love this bag – the vibrant color, the quirky shape, and the fact that it is a basket weave is like icing on the cake. From the first second that I saw it on a blog, I knew that I wanted it. It definitely has a retro feel to it and I thought it worked well with the entire outfit.

delicious apple bag

I wore a black jersey dress with 3/4 sleeves (H&M), white earrings, a fun apple shaped ring* (H&M) and a retro style leopard print coat (H&M) that’s a bit of a favorite. I usually wear it paired with black like I did yesterday or like in the photo below (July 2011).

H&M leopard print coat

But I also think the coat works equally well with jeans (March 2011):

tunnel ootd

Or with bright colors (September 2013):

shoe challenge colorful topshop

So as you can see, this coat is really a favorite (anything that I have more than one outfit photo in is a favorite haha). *I also want to mention the ring I wore, because it’s super cute but also because it completely matches my bag.

H&M apple ringapple ringI’m really happy with how the photos from yesterday turned out (and I’d like to add that all of them were taken with my iphone) and I really liked my outfit, I can only wish for more days like yesterday. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

photo 1

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