Fake It


Due to Melissa shoes’ increasing popularity, many other brands have created their own versions of the jelly trend. Some have been clearly “inspired” by the Brazilian brand, others have kept things original. For example, Ted Baker has made a few pairs of jelly shoes (I’m lusting after these in particular), Carvela have done jelly in their own way and I absolutely love Love Moschino, these shoes are super cute. Juju, Asos and New Look also do jelly shoes, but I find theirs to be a bit more ‘copy cat’ like and less their own design. Now a brand in particular that just blatantly copies Melissa designs is Gate.

I have a few pairs of Gate jelly shoes and I like them for errands or casual outings, but I don’t consider them as a real part of my shoe collection. They’re like junk food as opposed to a healthy meal. They’re fluff. But that doesn’t mean that I dislike wearing them, nope, I wore my black ballerina pair today to walk Mr. Pig (the photo above). I don’t usually wear these if I know I’ll be able to get an outfit photo so I don’t have them that well documented as some of my other pairs of shoes but I did wear them back in May 2011 to the Aero cinema to go see “Sound of Noise” (a great film btw).

I also have the same pair in brown, which I haven’t wore yet this year but I managed to find a photo from yet again May 2011, when I was wearing them on a food shopping errand (this was the tram stop near our old flat and next to the Tesco express):

I couldn’t find a product photo of neither of the shoes, but here’s a close-up of the brown pair. Both of these flats are incredibly comfortable and very versatile.

Gate melissa inspired brown ballerina flats

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