Forgotten Outfits

outfit collageThese four outfits have something in common – they’re all from July and I hadn’t posted about them yet. It’s not that I think the outfits weren’t  nice or anything, it’s just I’m not 100% happy with the photos. Funnily enough, looking at the photos together has brought to my attention that they also have something else in common too – they are all below-the-knee length. Anyways, I was going through my photos on my computer and I thought it’d be a shame not to post them, so here they are…


The first outfit is from July 19th, Saturday. We went to do a spot of shopping and I bought most of the second outfit. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, so, this outfit is really simple but has some nice elements to it and it’s pretty much my favorite of the bunch. The skirt is from H&M and it’s really old, my shirt is from Zara and it features a cat face and a slogan saying “Dogs like cats”, my bag is from New Look and I’ve blogged about it before herehere and here. Last but not least, the shoes are Park Lane and you’ve also seen them on the blog before (here) but I hadn’t posted a product photo. They’re just a simple pair of flat sandals but have some nice studded detailing going on. Oh and I was also wearing my petticoat under the skirt to give it a nice full shape.

park lane sandals park lane studded sandalsOutfit number 2: worn on the 20th of July, Sunday. We went to play beach volleyball with friends and this is what I changed into afterwards. I mentioned that this outfit is mainly the stuff I had bought the day before: a printed cropped t-shirt from Reserved, a pair of palazzo cropped trousers (I love that they look like they’re a skirt but as you can see in the first photo, they aren’t. I’ve always wanted a pair but I just wasn’t completely sure I’d wear them enough to justify a full-priced purchase and so I was really super happy to find them in the sales!) from Mohito. The shoes were also new and also from Mohito, I was eying them up on my previous visit to the store and was so happy to find them in the sale (half off) and in my size. My bag is from Ollie & Nic and I blogged about it here and here.

I couldn’t find a product photo of the shoes so here’s a outfit photo were you can see them a bit better (this is an outfit I wore on the 21st of August to go pick up a gift for M). Btw, the dress is from H&M and it’s a tad too big so that lovely belt helps clinch it in nicely.

mohito polka dot flat shoes, H&M black and white dress, Zara red beltOutfit number 3: this was worn also on the 20th of July, but much earlier, out to lunch. It also consists of a few things that I bought the day before – that hat (Reserved) and that skirt (Mohito). My bag is truly vintage as it belonged to my mother and she gave it to me ages ago. It’s really interesting with the red and blue weaving and is a good size to fit about everything one could think of. My t-shirt is from Zara and it has lots of pretty butterflies on it. Oh and my shoes are also old and they are from Bershka and have a lovely blue color and texture (fake snake skin).

IMG_3035I don’t have a product photo of the shoes but here’s a different outfit where I wore them and I love that skirt (Zara woman).

bershka snake skin zara skirtFinally outfit number 4: This was from the 21st of July, M and I went out to dinner at Prosecco. Besides my Ollie & Nic bag I wore a studded Zara belt and a pair of Zara woman ballet flats in a gorgeous green color. And my Grace 1950’s bow swing dress that I bought from Pieces of the Past and I blogged about here. (And I wore my petticoat underneath.) I must say, I was extremely disappointed with this dress when it arrived by post. The quality is nowhere to how I expected it to be. The material is definitely not as nice as I was hoping, the lining is much more visible than in the product photo but worst of all, the bow looked super cheap. In fact, the bow looked so horrible that I just decided to cut it off. I think with the adjustment of chopping off that bow and adding a nice belt the dress doesn’t look so bad, but it’s definitely one that I wish I hadn’t bought. (I guess I shouldn’t have been expecting much because I didn’t pay that much for the dress, but still… Though actually, ever since I removed the horrid bow, I think I kind of like the dress now.)

IMG_3076 IMG_3084 IMG_3087I love the last photo because it looks like I’m levitating. Anyways, these were four outfits from July 2014 that I hadn’t blogged about until now and I hope you enjoyed them. See you soon. Bya.

4 thoughts on “Forgotten Outfits”

  1. The red dress looks great on, but I’m sorry it’s crap quality. 😦 I heard they’ve shut down now. You look fab in it regardless!

    1. The other two dresses I got from there are much better materials so I was quite happy with them. Yes, they did end, I got the dresses in a closing down sale. Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

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