Mon Cowboy

cowboy bootsThis outfit is from Sunday and was created around this leather jacket. (I bought the jacket in Camden for ten pounds, crazy!) I knew I wanted to wear the jacket (it’s finally the perfect weather for it) and so I went for a very simple outfit underneath – t-shirt and a black cardigan, skinny jeans – then it was just a question of shoes and bag:

zara studded-cowboy-ankle-bootsThese are from Zara and are a pair of real leather cowboy-style ankle boots and I absolutely love them!

Zara studded closeupI love the studs and the shape of the shoe is pretty amazing too. M bought them for me when we were in Rome. They’re the perfect pair of shoes for skinny jeans. The bag I wore is an old favorite, it’s thrifted, real leather and though on the smaller side, it still is able to fit loads.

OUTFIT AUGUSTThere’s still a few days left of Outfit August and so I added a pair of light pink rose earrings and I put my hair up in a messy tiny bun (completely necessary as I hadn’t washed my hair in a week and it was starting to look a bit crap). Speaking of earrings, I’ve recently fell back in love with them and realized it has been too long since I bought any new ones. (I  really wanted to buy some new accessories when we were in London this year, but I just didn’t find anything that I loved.) So I ordered a few pairs from Asos 🙂

asos earringsI’m loving long dangly earrings at the moment. They were all really cheap too: Feather Drop earrings (£4.00), Ring Swing earrings (£2.00), Wing Through earrings (£6.00), Pretty Faux Pearl & Owl Pack (£5.00). The last ones are incredibly tiny! I think they’ll be a great option for when I want to wear earrings but I don’t want it to be so visible.

IMG_3482 IMG_3484This was a very casual outfit, it was super comfortable and perfect for a laid back weekend. Oh and in case you were wondering, the title of this post was inspired by the Mitsou song “Bye Bye Mon Cowboy.”

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