Thrifted shopper

IMG_3474This outfit is from Saturday and it’s one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn lately. It was one of the final hot days of summer (well at least half of the day was quite warm), so I decided to wear one last bare legged look. We went to the vegetable market and bought loads of lovely veggies, so I wanted something comfortable but still interesting. I first chose the dress. It’s an old thrift store find but funnily enough, I had never worn it before. It used to be a bit too big (and still is a tad) but I felt it looked quite nice. I really like the skirt part of the dress (the top part is actually really boring). I love the color of the dress and the texture, it’s like you’re really wearing gold. I wanted to stay with a gold theme but also keep things casual. There was walking involved so I was definitely going to wear a flat shoe, I chose this pair of sandals because it’s still casual but there is some sophistication as well. And the gold studs went nicely with the dress.

kurly by carvelaThe shoes are “Kurly” by Carvela that I bought in Dubai in 2012. Even though I’ve worn them more than a few times, I don’t have any good outfit photos wearing them. Here are some more product photos of the shoe. (Gorgeous, right?)

kurly carvela front viewkurly carvela back viewThen I just added a vintage leather bag and a jean jacket to keep me warm. The jacket is from Mango. Oh and thanks to Outfit August I added that scarf. I think I thrifted it like two years ago? Maybe three. I also wore one of my favorite pairs of earrings (from Topshop). Anyways, I’m really embracing accessorizing at the moment. I don’t go too overboard but I like to add at least one more element to each outfit.

OUTFIT AUGUSTI will mention the earrings in more detail. I love them, they are perhaps my favorite pair of earrings. They remind me of dream catchers and I love that there is both silver and gold-ish metal involved, I have worn them countless times and I also have a matching bracelet that is equally lovely (you can see it in a couple of the photos below).

Freedon for Topshop earringsSo here are a few photos of me wearing these earrings in the past:

top shop ear rings top shop earrings topshop dream catcher earrings topshop earrings 2 topshop earrings topshop earringss out in the pubzara maxi dressYup, definitely a favorite pair of earrings. After the vegetable market we were taking the tram home when we ran into a friend and so we went out to lunch as well. I did end up taking my earrings off as my ears were hurting a bit (I haven’t been wearing earrings too much recently so they weren’t used to it.) But I’m glad that I wore them for as long as I did.


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