It’s like eating a Killer Cupcake

what to  weaar with iron fist wedgesI can’t believe it’s Tuesday already, time sure is flying by lately! These photos are from Sunday and I wore this outfit to a family lunch. The day was absolutely beautiful and so all I needed was my favorite cropped fake leather jacket and a pair of  girly shoes:

iron fist oh no wedge

Not your typical girly shoes right? The shoes are Iron Fist “Oh No” wedges and it’s really a matter of preference whether you like them or not. For instance M hates everything Iron Fist unless it doesn’t look like it’s from Iron Fist, in which case he”ll be like “meh, whatever”. I, on the other hand, adore this brand and think their products and shoes in particular are wonderfully quirky and weird. I love a shoe that has eye balls and guts on it and yet can still be called cute and girly. I mean common you gotta love that.

pink dress and a black motorcyckle jacketSo what to wear with crazy eyeball wedges that are essentially blue but have pink bows as well? I opted for a simple outfit:  a block color dress in pink to go with the bows (River Island dress bought here – I don’t know why they say it’s red when the dress is most definitely pink), DIYed studded belt (I love a thin strap belt but I think they can be a bit boring so a studded version is definitely more “me”), Zara TRF jacket (I love this jacket and think it basically goes with everything but it’s like it was made for dresses like these, perfection), New Look bag (I really liked how the bag was almost the same color as the lighter part of the bows).

mirror mirror

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