Polka Dots Everywhere!

ImageRemember how I mentioned that I bought a new dress? Well here she is in all her beauty. The dress is quite special to me because

1) I love the idea of mixing prints (who knew stripes and polka dots would work so well together?)

2) I’m a huge fan of black and white monochrome (here there’s also the added benefit of a pop of color and I do love red)

3) I love a unique garment. This dress is vastly different from the others in my collection.  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo below, but the skirt part of the dress is actually layer after layer of the polka dotted fabric. It’s such a fun dress!


I knew I wanted to wear the dress right away as soon as I bought it and we had a birthday dinner to go to so that was a no-brainer but deciding which shoes to pair it with was a tad more difficult. I kept asking  my boyfriend “Is this too much?”. I didn’t want the shoes to be too boring but I didn’t want to look ridiculous either. I also wanted to be able to walk in them comfortably. After trying on two other pairs, I finally settled on these:

violet flatforms asosAsos Violet Flatforms in Polka dot

asos polka dot flatformThese shoes are one of my favorites for many reasons. However, I will  say that they have one “tiny” defect: the buckle. It is literally too tiny, it can be so hard to buckle these shoes, it’s maddening. But besides that they are perfect. I would have liked them if they were just normal wedges but the flatform has its advantages too. The comfort is basically of a flat shoe but because it’s elevated, you actually see the print, which wouldn’t  be as noticeable on flats. But then again, you’d probably notice the upper anyways, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal if they had been just flats.

So basically what I am saying is that I would have loved these shoes no matter what haha. I love their print. They are one of my few pairs of polka dotted shoes. I actually don’t own any polka dotted heels (if I don’t count my Irregular Choice Flick Flacks), I only have polka dotted flats or wedges. Though I am definitely looking to amend that soon!

doodle girlWearing:  Promod dress, Pull & Bear sweater, Mango bag, Asos watch, Freedom for Topshop earrings, old head scarf that I’ve had since I was like thirteen.

The last time I wore them (back in September last year) I styled them in a completely different way. I still like the outfit I wore then but I prefer the one I wore now, because I really like how the shoes matched with the skirt part of my dress. The polka dots were almost the same size and I just thought they were so cute together!

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