Lusting After: Melissa





I won’t lie, I love almost every pair of Melissa shoes that I have ever seen (well with a few exceptions), but I think  the collaboration with Vivienne Westwood is especially swoon-worthy. After much debating (whether going into  minus is worth it and acknowledging that I will not buy anything else for like forever) I decided to buy the first and last pair, I would have bought the third pair too but they didn’t have my size. I bought them via Nonnon and they were both on discount (and I used this discount code to get 10% off: 2ND10). I can’t wait to have them and hope they arrive soon. I’m not a very patient person, obviously. Now I have to get back to studying, but I’ll be back tomorrow with some photos from the weekend and lots more shoe love. Till then, au revoir.

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