Wish List

bird tree cage earringsI mentioned in one of my recent posts that I’ve bought some earrings and though I do love the ones I bought, I just had to share two pairs that I am head over heels in love with and also am seriously lusting after. They aren’t cheap so this will be just a platonic love affair, e.g. why this is only a wishlist and not a things I bought post. Okay, so the first pair is a lovely pair of mismatched earrings. I first saw them over on the Pixiwoo Madness vlog and fell in love with them straight away. One earring is a pretty tree and the second is a bird and a bird cage. I did track it down (the link supplied by Sam wasn’t working) here but $72.00 is a bit much for me to spend on a pair of earrings. The second pair…

brass-boy-and-girl-kissing-earring_1024x1024…is by the same brand (Monserat de Lucca) and is again a pair of mismatched earrings (I am so loving them at the moment. I don’t think I have a pair of mismatched earrings in my collection but I\m hoping to remedy that during our NYC vacation). Anyways, this pair is a boy and girl kissing. Super cute! Especially since I have this (“kissing couple”) bracelet!

kissing coupleThe next thing I am lusting after is a yellow coat. I am obsessed with yellow coats at the moment, mainly because I do not have one yet! The one pictured below is from the brand Just Female.

just female coatWhat I really wish I could have is the following pair of shoes. It’s the Buns’n’roses print flat shoes. I just love these shoes! Sadly they were sold out in my size in my Iron Fist store. 😦

iron fist bunsnrosesI have a whole bunch of other things on my wishlist so if you like these kinds of posts, let me know and I can do another one soon.

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