My Obsession

tattooed modelTo start off I have a photo from a photoshoot I did a while ago (it was right before I got my Mr.Pig tattoo). The brand is called My Obsession and the clothes are very provocative and sexy. Then I have an outfit from the end of July, when we went to see a summer Shakespearean adaptation and it was a horrible rainy day but otherwise it was an interesting experience.

IMG_3135As I said, it was a rainy day so my flamingo print parka was a must (though I honestly could have used one more layer, I was freezing by the end of the night). It was an outside production and luckily it stopped raining just as the play was beginning, but still, it was cold! I wore my then-new Melissa ballet flats in red. The title of this post is very fitting as Melissa shoes have definitely become somewhat of an obsession for me. I love them!

melissa ballet radI do love these in particular. I have a fondness for ballet and these shoes are just amazing. I especially love the red ones but I kinda love them all and am thinking of maybe purchasing the light pink ones as well. And the black ones. Maybe even the white ones. Okay, so I wouldn’t mind if I had them all!

Melissa-Ballet-llI won’t be buying them anytime soon though. Anyways, I’m glad I have the red ones as they are my favorite. I think they are the most striking and they remind me of the closing scene of Center Stage:

center stage closing scene

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