Shoe Love: Melissa Ultragirl

Two things I love: Melissa shoes and strawberries!

Today I bring you one of my favorite casual pairs of shoes that I own:

Melissa Ultragirl Ballet Flats in Pink


On most says when I’m running around Prague I wear flat shoes. It’s not because I think it is difficult to walk in heels or that heels are that uncomfortable, but when you combine a busy schedule and cobble stone streets, it’s best to keep things as easy as they can be. That said, I still like to keep my footwear interesting. And I think flats can be as beautiful and as interesting as heels, it all depends on the shoes in question.

If I had to choose only one thing that I love about the brand Melissa, it would be that they’re definitely not afraid to make a statement shoe. And I love that the same applies for heels as it does to flats. The pair of shoes I’m wearing here is the pure opposite of boring – it has a flattering shape, it has an interesting detail (in the form of that miniature peep toe opening) and it has a lovely vibrant color.  And there’s a bit of texture to the shoes as well (as you can see in the product photo, the shoes are a bit fuzzy.)


I love these shoes. I got them as a Christmas gift from M’s parents (I got to choose what I was going to get) and I’m super happy with them. They’re one of my favorite pairs to wear during the busy work week but these photos were taken during the weekend. We went to have lunch with M’s parents and I wanted to show them that I wear their gift:)

Speaking of happy, it also helps that I liked my entire outfit as well: Oasis A line skirt (bought here), Zara swapped sweater, H&M white top, New Look square bowler bag. The bag is really one of my favorites, I love the shape and the color and all the little details. I posted the photo below on my instagram as a cheeky version of what’s in my bag (the apples were for Dracul).

New Look vanity square bowler bag

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