Favorites: Vol. 4

In this issue of Favorites we return to April 2010.

very veroniqueMidzu foceni saty Monikk

These photos were for the L’Oreal Colour Trophy competition. The photos were taken by Midzu Gombitova; Dagmar Popova did my hair (and playsuit and dress are MONIKK).

very vera

buddy in his arthur scarfMy beautiful bull terrier Buddy received a very special gift from his bully friend Arthur Baker. I definitely recommend checking out his website: http://www.arthurbakerbullterrier.com.

collage 2010I bought a few printed tees, a pair of beige wedge sandals (that I think I may have worn only once!), danced with Mr. Hat and bought the most perfect shirt dress that promptly shrunk after one wash and is now just a shirt that I keep in the back of my closet. It’s fun revisiting these photos and to compare the then and now.

Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots
Jimmy Choo for Hunter boots

I was seriously lusting after the perfect pair of welly boots. April is traditionally a rainy season so no wonder. I still love the boots above. And finally, a few photos that inspired me. I think that when it’s Spring it generally makes people want to be adventurous and go on a fabulous trip. I can’t wait to pass all my exams and go sight seeing. It’s no secret that I love hearts and I still find the photo below both quirky and cute. Last but not least is the view from our old flat. It’s one of the things that I miss the most (besides the handy  location and less timely commute to uni  and to work). Prague can really be so beautiful and inspiring and the view at our old flat always made me so happy. I feel grateful that I got to live there for the period of time that we had lived there  and cannot wait for all that’s next in our lives.

sight seeing loving love view from my old flat

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