Rainy Season

river island chelsea boots, skinny jeans, reserved sweaterI mentioned in yesterday’s post that I would share an outfit post showcasing these River Island Chelsea boots and their time has come.

river island leopard print chelsea bootI wore these boots on Saturday after we came back home from the Zoo (I’ll be showing you that outfit in an upcoming post as well) and we stopped by the flat, I changed, and we headed out to go food shopping and all that fun stuff. I bought a new iron and an ironing board. Exciting. Anyways, I’m always super cold at the store so that’s why I changed outfits plus it had started to rain.

IMG_4063Anyways, I think these shoes look best with skinny jeans and a nice loose top. This sweater is one of my favorites at the moment, it’s from Reserved and is a couple of years old now. I remember buying the sweater is the sales one year and thinking, why not, it’s really cheap, doesn’t matter if I don’t wear it much and then all of a sudden I started wearing all of the time. It’s one of those items that as soon as it comes out of the wash (and once it’s dried) I put it on again. I love it that much. Oh and I finally found the time to do my nails, the color I’m wearing is called “Hudson Breeze” by NYC. It’s a really nice blue.

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