The Devil’s in the Details

iron fist devil shoesFriday night M and I went to have drinks and then to a club with some friends. I chose my outfit accordingly – I wanted to be comfortable enough to be able to dance and I also needed to be wearing flats as I knew we would be going from place to place and I didn’t want to be staggering on my heels in Prague city center aka cobble stone land. My absolute favorite thing about this outfit are the shoes:

soul devil iron fist shoesThese shoes are from Iron Fist and are called Devil Soul. I think the devil is really in the details with these shoes: they have a mouth, eyes on the side but mostly, they have horns! I love those horns 🙂 I think they are so cute.

soul devil iron fist shoes from the topI love the back view too…

soul devil iron fist shoes back viewIMG_3960My outfit otherwise was on the simple side, I wore my H&M black skirt with the studded belt that came with it. I wore a black tank top and my red fake leather jacket (Stradivarius). I also wore my New Look vintage vanity bag and my Asos wing earrings. Since you can’t see my earrings (the perils of having long hair) I decided to add the photo above. It’s from when I went home from work – I wore the earrings all day. At first I really didn’t like the earrings when I got them, but they’ve grown on me (plus I changed them a little bit. I cut off the long part at the back so now it’s end is just like a regular stud earring, much easier to wear).

asos wing earringsfriday night outfit, H&M skirt, black tank top, red leather jacket*I didn’t manage to get photos taken before so these are from when we got home.

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