OA Eight Nine Ten

IMG_3221August 8, Friday: A really casual and simple outfit, worn out to play each volleyball with friends. (On the way there I had on a swimsuit underneath but these photos were taken when we came home and I had showered and changed.) The dress is from H&M and I really like the color and the texture of the dress, though I absolutely hate the cutouts! (Though I did like how they looked with my tankini underneath, so maybe next time I’ll wear some pop color tank top under the dress, that could be interesting.) The dress is new, bought super cheaply in the last days of the sales.  My bag is Zara and my shoes are Mel bow sandals.

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Summer Time Staples

summer time staplesThe summer season is my favorite, I love those days when the sun is shining and it’s hot. I particularly love when all I have to wear is a little dress or a skirt and top. But I also appreciate jean jackets. The outfit above – taken last Saturday, August the 9th – is a true representation of my summer staples.

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OA7: More of Mr. Pig

IMG_3202The photos are from Thursday (August 7th) and my pig walking outfit was super simple and consisted of a new dress (bought in the H&M sales, was SUPER cheap), my typical pig walking shoes (jelly shoes are a blessing when it comes to pig walking – my pig likes to root around in the dirt and more often than not he gets his snout dirty and he likes to get close to my shoes and come in for a snuggle. Wearing jelly shoes means I can just wipe them off and they’re clean.) and a cropped knitted sweater that I bought sometime ago but then never wore. Continue reading OA7: More of Mr. Pig

OA6: Cinema Date

vintage dress vivienne westwood heels melissaAnother rare up-to-date photo! This outfit was from last night when M and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. The film was okay and I thought Rocket was just adorable, obviously, now I want a raccoon. But back to the outfit…

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Hey Piggy

me and my pet pigI’m not having the best of days today – I over slept and things just went downhill from there. I was at least hoping that my order from Asos would arrive (it was supposed to arrive by last Friday but hasn’t and I suspect that my post lady has just chucked it somewhere and it has made me feel super hostile towards the post office, especially since I called there on Friday and was basically told that without a tracking number I can go fuck myself. Great.)

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Outfit August! 1-3

tattoed ladyHey everyone, sorry for the long delay in posting – summer is always so busy! To help me stay motivated in “organized” blogging, I joined Leah‘s challenge called Outfit August and I’m really excited about it. I love that this challenge is all about the fun and just using what you have. It’s perfect really.

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