Happy Chappie

IMG_6480A few days ago M and I went to see the film “Chappie” and this is what I wore. It was a simple outfit as we had decided to go to the cinema last minute. My bestie stopped by at my flat earlier in the day and I gave her some clothes I was selling on Vinted (a bright pink winter coat and a few dresses) and some other dresses that I had in storage and hadn’t worn in ages. Anyways, amongst the dresses I gave away there were about three leopard print dresses and that definitely inspired me to wear this Asos leopard print dress that I had bought not long ago (about a month or two ago).
The dress I was wearing is from Asos and it’s a scuba material leopard print skater dress. Actually, most of my dresses are skater dresses as I find them to be the most comfortable  to wear. (I have a thin waist but wider hips so I think these dresses suit me the best.) This dress in particular is interesting because there’s some blue in the dark parts of the leopard print and I think that’s quite unique (instead of just black or dark brown).

asos skater dress in leo printI’ve worn this dress before but didn’t end up posting about the outfit because I didn’t really like how the photos turned out but whatever, the outfit was from mid February and I styled it with all black accessories back then.

IMG_5876This time around I had a bit more fun (the warmer the weather is the more fun I have with my outfits): I wore one of my favorite bags (from Pull&Bear, ages ago I put a printed picture of Dracul on the bag and it’s even more special now that Dracul is gone. I miss him so much.)

IMG_6482Then I just added neutral extras: a black pashmina, black opaque tights, my brown fake leather jacket from Express and my brown Zara Collection brogues. The film was quite good (Hugh Jackman in those beige shorts just about killed me, I was laughing so hard!) and we had a great time (although there had been an insanely large queue for popcorn so I had to survive without and being at the cinema without popcorn and a coke is like not being at a cinema at all, if you ask me) and I’m glad we went to see the movie.

4 thoughts on “Happy Chappie”

    1. Thank you:) I’m a bit sad that my photos didn’t do the dress justice as I believe it looks better in real life (mainly because my phone takes horrid photos when it’s a bit dark). The film, well, it is rather strange. It was a nice movie experience but I don’t think I need to see it again (although, maybe, just for Hugh Jackman).

  1. I love the dress. Blue is unusual to get in leopard print dresses. Hugh Jackman has a mullet in this film, right? I would laugh the whole way through at that. 😀

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