United nude

This outfit is from Sunday and it’s what I wore to lunch with M’s family and then to the pet store (Bunny Bananas needed a few things). As the weather gets warmer, I’m having so much more fun with my outfits (with my shoes😉). These are one of my favorite ankle boots:

These boots are from United Nude (they are the mid heeled fold ankle boots in multicolor stripe). I love them! The colors just make me so happy and I’m really loving stripes at the moment. Plus these shoes go with such a variety of dresses thanks to the multicolored stripes, it’s a win-win 😉

Speaking of dresses, I decided to wear my super old Topshop textured coral dress. I have the same dress in blue 😊 and was thinking about getting it in black as well, but I didn’t end up buying it. (Totally should have though.) 

I put my hair in a high-ish ponytail and braided the rest. It was a beautiful day and hopefully there will be more sunny days to come. ❤️

8 thoughts on “United nude”

    1. Thanks Leah:) I don’t usually do anything much with my hair so when I do put in a little effort, I’m always like “why don’t I always?” but most days I’m so lazy 😀

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