Suddenly I Love You

IMG_4997When I purchased this Asos parka I never thought I would get as much wear out of it as I have. I actually never expected to wear it so much! I have been wearing it nonstop lately – mainly because I have still failed to retrieve the rest of my warmer coats from storage – but also because it’s one of those items that are so easy to wear.

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Favorite New Toy

galaxy-note-10-1-2014-1 N1_004_Back_WhiteMy kindle fire died recently – it was very gradual: first the charger for it died, then the USB started to have huge problems and then finally the kindle itself. As I am a happy reader (I usually read a book a day), I needed a replacement asap. So I kept nagging (but just a little) and finally I received my Xmas present from M early (woo-hoo!) and a now have a favorite new toy. The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition is really fun, I love the Stylus pen that comes with it and I really like making S Notes :) Though I usually like my appliances to be pink (or at least have the case have a vibrant color), I quite like that both my Note and its case is in white – there’s something really minimalistic and sophisticated about it.

Buyer’s Remorse

I’ve done a fair bit of shopping this month but truthfully, not all of it has been good. I hate it when I order something and then the item that I receive isn’t as I expected. I thought I’d share the bad purchases with you (and then maybe a few of the good ones :) ).truffle cosy ankle bootsThe first item on my wish-I-hadn’t-bought list are these Ugg-like boots from Truffle. I was looking for a warm pair of boots to see me through the winter and although these could have fit the bill, the sizing is a bit off and I find them a tad too small. I am hoping I will be able to stretch them out a bit, but I have to admit to being disappointed with this purchase.

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Prague VltavaLast Tuesday was a state holiday and M and I went on a little outing. Instead of staying home we went to Prague’s city center and had quite a nice trip. Our adventure started in good form – with lunch at a place called At the Blind Cat. We had delicious crepes (that is their specialty), pictured below is the one I had (it was with warm raspberries and vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, yum) – M had a salty crepe (I’ve never had one before and was surprised that the dough was different). We also had soup (mine was tomato, yum) and we shared an additional crepe for desert (with blueberries and cream) – so suffice to say we were stuffed (I could hardly move).

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Sheepy Cute

IMG_4911Last  Sunday after returning from our wine cellar outing, we relaxed at home for a bit and then later that day we went out to see the film Qu’est-qu’on fait au Bon Dieu? I LOVED the movie, it was perfect! I also loved the outfit I was wearing. I used my last chance to wear my Mr. Sheep vest. We went by car so I could get away with it (otherwise I would have been way too cold!) and I have to say yet again how much I love it: I love it a lot!

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OOTD: Green on Green

IMG_4895This outfit is from ages ago (from the 24th of  October) and I was really going full out with the green. It all started with this dress from Topshop with its wonderful laser cut square cut-outs. I know I mentioned before that I dislike cut-outs on dresses (though I love them on shoes!) but with cut-outs like these, I really like them. Anyways, I first saw this dress in London actually, it was on sale but I think they didn’t have my size or it wasn’t that much on sale. Long story short, I stopped by my local (ha, there’s only one in Prague) Topshop store, saw it in the current sale, the last one and in my size, and I knew it would be mine.

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