Spring Awakening


As the weather is finally starting to feel warmer, everything is looking brighter. While little to nothing has really changed (still working on that dreaded thesis paper, had a bad case of writer’s block but after a little break I’ll get right to it, I swear) but somehow, because winter has ended, things are simply better.

This is an outfit I wore this weekend, on Sunday for a family lunch at M’s parents’ flat and then out shopping. I haven’t been out shopping in what felt like FOREVER so I really had fun – I bought some necessities (a bra set and boy short undies; new yoga pants to help motive me into going to the gym more often than just once a week, also two new gym tops as I normally exercise in the most hideous tops imaginable and that certainly doesn’t help the situation), a huge shopper bag for the beach from O’neill, a new swimsuit and a super cute fake leather biker jacket from H&M. So the biker jacket is obviously my favorite purchase and y’all know that I don’t need ANOTHER black (fake) leather jacket to add to my collection, but when I saw it I just knew it had to by mine.

hm biker jacket divided

The shape of it is just SO GOOD plus I think it makes it unique enough to justify adding it to my jacket collection. I really needed one like this. I cannot wait to wear it (planning on doing so tomorrow).

My next purchase, as mentioned above, is a retro inspired one-piece swimsuit. It’s black and has a gathered tummy. It’s from Marks&Spencer and I liked it the most out of the million four swimsuits I tried on. I haven’t bought a new swimsuit in YEARS so it was actually quite an exciting purchase for me. And since I do plan on going to the beach this year, it was also a very much needed item.


I’m not going to post photos of the gym clothes (way too lazy to try to find them) so the last new item I’ll show you is the shopper bag from O’Neill.


M and I had a great weekend (Saturday we had friends over at our flat for dinner and drinks and then Sunday the grand shopping day) and I also really liked the outfit that I was wearing. These ripped jeans are becoming my absolute favorites and I’ve always loved this quilted fake leather jacket. And then the leopard print Vans – one of my favorite pairs of casual shoes. I will be honest and say I was slightly cold in the outfit but I’m so over my winter coats that I couldn’t care less about it.


How was your weekend? XO

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