How to be Single


I mentioned going to the cinema while we were on holiday in Dubai and here’s one of the outfits that I wore. This was to see the movie How to be Single starring Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson and I must say, I really enjoyed the film. I could have done without Alison Brie’s character (Lucy, a girl who really wants to be in a relationship and is super annoying) but I was happy with how her story turned out (spoiler alert! She doesn’t end up with the bartender, thank goodness too because that would have been so cliché). I absolutely loved the other three main characters, especially Alice.

how to be single


I already mentioned being a big Dakota Johnson fan in one of my last posts and she was marvelous in this film. Her character was really relatable too and I’m very happy how her storyline worked out and thought her friendships were really great. Rebel Wilson was amazing and so funny, I also really liked Leslie Mann playing Dakota’s older sis. I thought the casting in general was just spot on and I liked how the film ended. I only would have changed a few tiny things (the whole story with David and his daughter kind of bored me and the end footage of them could have been cut out or at least shortened). I heard some criticism that the film wasn’t “single” enough (two of the characters are in a relationship at the end of the movie) but I disagree. Lucy’s character wanted to be in a relationship basically no matter what, and if that’s someone’s end game, they will be in a relationship. It’s not that hard to get a relationship, I think what’s really hard is finding a relationship that works for everyone involved, but that wasn’t really addressed in the film. She wanted to be hitched and she found a guy that probably suits her the best and hey, that does happen in real life. Meg’s character also gets in a relationship although more reluctantly and I think that for a Hollywood movie 2 out of 4 is a good score for the single ladies. My favorite characters were Alice and Robin and they stay single and focused on their friendship and on themselves and I think that’s a great message. I know I’m writing this and I’m not single but I think I would have been able to relate to this movie no matter my relationship status and it was a good time. Even my boyfriend enjoyed the movie (though I know I liked it a lot more than he did, but he’s a harsher critic) and I cannot wait for the movie to hit Czech cinemas so I can go see it again with my bestie (a single gal, who I know for sure will love it, especially Robin’s character).


I got a bit carried away with the film description but anyways, on to the outfit. Everything is super old except for the shoes. The shoes were a new purchase made in Dubai and they are from Topshop (Topshop Vision ballet flats ). The dress is from Reserved, belt is from Topshop and my bag is from Stradivarius.


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