Foreign Land


Well, it’s finally time to share the outfits that I wore on vacation. Sadly, I didn’t take that many photos as it wasn’t a sight-seeing holiday but more of a lazy around at the beach type of vacation. However, we did go to the cinema a few times (and you know I almost always take cinema outfit photos) and we did also do some shopping, so  I do have a couple outfits lined up to show you.

The first of which was one that I wore out for lunch and some shopping. I’m wearing three favorites: my favorite red Toms  (I absolutely love these shoes and am having difficulty wearing anything else as these are just perfection), my favorite denim jacket (from Mango, I love a dark denim jacket. I’m also thinking of buying one in black. Definitely on my shopping wish list!) and my new favorite bag (it’s from Pull & Bear and I bought it in Dubai).

pull & bear black briefcase

I couldn’t find a product photo of the briefcase bag in brown but here is the black version (also very lovely, it was hard deciding between the two but as I’m wearing the Toms all the time, the brown version won.)

red toms classic

Apologies for the short post, but I have a deadline for my thesis paper and I need to work on it as much as I can. Fingers crossed I get it finished this week. Love you all, xo.

2 thoughts on “Foreign Land”

  1. I have a few different friends that now live in Dubai, seems like it’s becoming more and more common for UK people to move there. The place kind of intrigues me and ‘scares’ me at the same time.

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