London continued: Oxford & Hyde

IMG_8182Monday was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to take a small trip, we took the Dlr train to Lewisham and then walked to Grreenwich park and visited the Maritime museum. IMG_8183

asos tan leather cut out flatsMy outfit was super comfy: one of my favorite pairs of shoes, these Asos leather tan cut-out moccasins, I LOVE these shoes! Zara skinny jeans, Topshop boyfriend shirt, new Aldo  tote bag, and my new sunglasses.

h1n1 sunglasses blue tintAfter the museum we headed to Oxford street, had lunch at an Italian restaurant and then did some major shopping (at Oasis – three dresses and a top, Lush – some bath bombs and bubble bars and at Primark – PJ’s and tights), we then headed to our tube station (King’s Cross) and bought dinner – I had a delicious veggie hotdog, it was SO GOOD – and then relaxed at our hotel.

IMG_8249Tuesday started out with my second blue icing Lola’s cupcake, yummy, and then we went to the Victoria&Albert museum and saw a lovely exhibition: Shoes, Pleasure and Pain.

IMG_8189IMG_8193Sadly, it wasn’t allowed to take photos inside, I would have loved to had been able to take photos of all of the lovely shoes on exhibit. We had lunch at the V&A and then walked to Hyde park.

IMG_8203This was my outfit: Express fake leather jacket, new Oasis dress (which I recon looks better on than in the product photo), new Aldo tote bag, Melissa flats.

oasis fading flower dressmelissa black grey flatsaldo almemosa bagWe went to the Serpentine Gallery to see the cafe, it changes every year. I found it kind of disappointing though, no I’ll be honest, I found it ugly.

IMG_8208Then we went to the lake in Hyde park and sat on a bench for a while just looking at the lake, it was very nice. M wanted to go visit Winopolis, a big whisky store, so we went. He spent an hour picking out whisky and I was bored to tears, but I tolerate his hobbies since he tolerates mine. It’s only fair after all. We then went to our tube station, had dinner at a pizzeria there and then went to our hotel. We still have two more days to go, but I’ll post about them tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “London continued: Oxford & Hyde”

  1. Oh, that hotdog looks so good! It’s been many years since I’ve been to Greenwich park. I grew up a little over 10 miles away so went a lot in my youth.

  2. When I lived in London, I stayed just up the road from Hyde Park, so would often go walking there at nights after work (which scared the crap out of my male co-worker who considered it ‘dangerous’, oops)! Coming from a seaside town, I suppose I need ‘scenery’, rather than constant concrete!

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