London continued: Sunday Funday

IMG_8112Sunday started out exceptionally well with a Lola’s cupcake. I love cupcakes and blue icing is my absolute favorite. Though you can get cupcakes in Prague, I have yet to find the perfect blue icing cupcake here, but I had the great fortune to have two whilst in London (I only took a photo of one though, which had “happy birthday” written in chocolate and with my birthday being the following Friday it was perfect really.) And I also really loved the packaging, so cute!

collage cupcakeAfter my delicious cupcake, M and I took the tube to Camden town. Our first stop was Aldo, located near the tube station, where I bought my new two-in-one tote bag (which I mentioned in my what-I-bought-in-London post). Then we headed to the market and stopped by Miss Poppy Cakes for a coffee break, as it was still early for all the shops to be open. I really loved this place, it had such a fun and quirky decor inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the flamingo wallpaper was just adorable.

IMG_8125IMG_8131We shopped until lunch, which we had there – I had a lovely falafel wrap and a coke (I love coke, I know it’s unhealthy but once in a while I indulge myself) – and then shopped for a tiny while more, we bought some really nice things like three pillow covers for our couch but mostly clothes. I bought three tank tops that were super cheap and a cute pair of retro pin-up girl inspired shorts. I also bought a vintage dress and two absolutely lovely books at St Cyr vintage. The books were “Shoe Innovations” and “Footwear Design”:

shoe-innovationsFootwearDesignAs for what I was wearing well, it was a bit colder out so I wore black opaque tights. I wore an old Bershka dress, a black cardigan (Pull&Bear), my favorite Zara scarf, Melissa shoes and my iron fist bag. We walked around for some time before heading back to our hotel to store our new purchases.

IMG_8137melissa black grey flatsWe headed back out to town for dinner, we went to an Asian restaurant (Young Cheng) at Leicester Square. We also wanted to go to the cinema but they weren’t playing anything we wanted to see. I did love the advertising this smaller cinema had going on: sod the sunshine, come & sit in the dark.

IMG_8149I changed outfits and I wore one of the new tank tops (it has a super cute image of a smiling Nutella on it) and I wore my Toms. I really love these shoes! I know they aren’t for everyone but I just love them. I have rather small feet for my height (I’m 180 cm and my shoe size is European 39-40, UK6 but sometimes UK7), and Toms are perfect for me. (I bought these Toms in a size UK7 because I had blisters and wanted the most comfort, my other Toms are in a size UK6).

IMG_8151toms black classicWe walked around for ages and then walked back to the hotel, going by Russel Square and it was a really lovely evening.

IMG_8176I’ll be posting the rest of London tomorrow, probably divided into two posts as I always seem to have so many photos when we go  on vacation (because it’s like the only time that M doesn’t mind taking photos). So see you then!

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