London continued: days 2-3

IMG_8073First of all, apologies for the delay in posting, I have been plagued with a bad cold and the last couple of days have been hellish. Finally, today I have been feeling a little better so what better way to celebrate than to get back  into blogging. I promised you some more photos from our London holiday and here are days 2 and 3.

Day 2 was Friday the third of July, M and I went to Westminster, walked around for a bit (just long enough for me to get a few blisters) and then we took a boat ride to Hampton Court Palace. It was our engagement anniversary, exactly one year ago M had asked me to marry him in the Hampton Court Gardens (and if you’re curious, no, we still haven’t set a date yet. We obviously suck at wedding planning, but I quite like that actually. Neither one of us is in any hurry, so we’re just happy where we are right now.)

IMG_8077This was the outfit I wore: my favorite skirt (old, from H&M), a striped tee (Zara), light blue denim jacket with some shredded detailing (H&M, bought last summer at the end of the sales), studded belt (old, went with the skirt, H&M), Iron Fist bag and finally Geox shoes that are usually very comfortable but for whatever reason gave me really bad blisters that day (and on both feet actually!)

Geox studded ballerina flatsAfter the boat ride, which took forever (over three hours) and even though I rigorously applied sunscreen lotion I still managed to burn myself (in the most awkward place ever – my hair part!). We arrived at the gardens and had lunch at the cafe there. We had perfect luck with the weather as it was beautifully sunny. There was a flower/garden festival going on that weekend so entrance to the gardens was for free. We walked (I mostly hobbled along complaining) around the gardens and then took the train back to London. I refused to go anywhere else that day as my feet were killing me, I could tell that M was a bit frustrated but as I wanted to be able to walk the next day, we just got off the train, bought dinner take away (wasabi sushi) and headed to our hotel to watch TV (we actually don’t have a TV at home so it’s a bit different for us), mostly shows about buying flats and houses.

IMG_8088Day 3: Saturday

We went to Notting Hill, had lunch at a Fish and Chips restaurant (I had a delicious vegetarian burger and M had fish and chips). As you can see M is a pretty weird guy, but truth be told, that’s what I love about him. He’s a weirdo but he’s my weirdo. And he could totally rock that mustache.

IMG_8096We did a bunch of shopping. I bought this lovely book (A Mischievous Little Rabbit by Beatrix Potter) in a vintage book shop and then I bought the yellow Kate Moss for Topshop dress in the Retro clothes shop.

beatrix potter little rabbitI also ended up buying the Doc Martens boots and the Toms and the Office sandals that day, it was a good shopping day! I wore a very casual shopping day outfit: a printed tee (from Reserved), beige shorts (I don’t wear shorts very often but I quite like these, they are very old and from H&M), a thrifted bag and these Reebok slip on trainers.

IMG_8132reebok skyscape harmonyThis was a rather “sporty” look for me, but as I had gotten those blisters the day before, I had to go with the most comfortable shoes I had with me (and these have that lovely “memory foam”, utter bliss for your feet!), so not my favorite outfit but it was comfortable and great for trying on clothes and shopping. We once again had dinner at the hotel but then we went out again to meet with M’s cousin, who is currently living and working in London. We met up at Canada Water tube station and then went to a pub.

IMG_8104This is what I wore: the new Topshop dress, new Office sandals and my Iron Fist bag. It was a very warm night so no need for any more layers, though I did have a sweater with me just in case. It was a casual summer outfit and one of my favorite of the holiday.

office hoxton cross strap sandalThe evening was great, I really liked M’s cousin Kuba, who we will be seeing again soon at his other cousin’s (Martin’s) wedding. I spent the evening drinking this delicious cider and I may be biased as they had my at the name (Orchard Pig Truffler) but it was a very good cider!

IMG_8109We the headed back to the tube station and took the last train home to our hotel. It was a great night and I’m glad I got to meet with M’s cousin, who was really fun. I’ll be back next week with the rest of out London holiday so stay tuned, see ya!

3 thoughts on “London continued: days 2-3”

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while, still trying to find time to do everything I want to in a day! I really love that yellow KM dress and it’s even more lovely on you. That was a good shopping day by the sounds of things.

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