London holiday: Bohemia Lounge

IMG_8036The time has finally come to share my London holiday. We arrived on Thursday, took the train from the airport and then went to our hotel. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and then we went to one of our favorite London hang-outs: the Bohemia Lounge bar. This place is bloody amazing with the best cocktails ever!

melissa black grey flatsMy outfit was rather simple, a pretty tropical print green Zara TRF dress. I haven’t posted this dress on the blog before although I have actually worn it many times. It’s a lovely summer dress, the material is very thin so perfect for those hot days. It could be a tad longer but I’ve gotten used to the fact that nothing is very long enough (unless you buy things from the “tall” section, but I hardly ever do, because they just aren’t cute enough. I don’t just want something that is the right length, I want it to be pretty too!), life just isn’t fair, is it? Anyways, it’s an older dress so I couldn’t find the product photo. As for shoes I wore one of my current favorite pairs of Melissa flats.

IMG_8041Now on to the delicious drinks! My first drink was called “Apple Pie” (and I really enjoyed it the last time we were in Bohemia Lounge so I knew I had to have it again), it is just lovely. A very sweet drink and you get a little apple with it, which is just adorable. M had the “Half Bubbly”.

IMG_8044My next drink and one that I hadn’t tried before but am really glad I did as it was perfection was called the “D&B Float”, it has vanilla ice cream  in it and there was a little ice cream cone in it. So adorable.  I LOVED this drink! (I’m pretty sure M had the “Malt Teaser” as his second drink.)

IMG_8050I then had “Auld Alliance” but I didn’t really like it too much so I traded it for M’s “Old Castro”, which I did enjoy but sadly, I didn’t take a picture of it.

IMG_8052I then had “Salty Caramel”, which was my favorite drink the last time we were there and I still LOVE this drink so much. The drink itself is very sweet (with the caramel) but the foam is super salty and the combination of the two tastes is just divine! Below is a photo from last year (and you can see it better). M’s drink was called “Holy Smoke” and it was very interesting.

20140717-103937-38377102.jpgMy last drink and a new favorite (though my all-time favorite is still the “Salty Caramel”) was “Sgt. Pepper”, it was just lovely and super refreshing, exactly what I needed at the end of the night. The combination of the black pepper and the lemon flavor was again perfection.

IMG_8053M’s last drink was his favorite and I think it was called “Oaxaca Julep” and it was the most interesting of all of the drinks. First M was given candy floss “tobacco” to stuff into a glass pipe, which had ice in it.

IMG_8057Then the rest of the drink was poured into the pipe glass and it had this awesome effect that it actually looked like smoke was coming out of the pipe.

IMG_8063 IMG_8066IMG_8069We had a really great night. I absolutely love the Bohemia Lounge bar and next time we’re in London I hope we get to visit the bar again! Anyways, that was day one of our London vacation and I’ll be posting days 2 and 3 tomorrow.


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